Barcaldine & Lloyd Jones Wier (14th/15th October 2022)

After the ‘sculpture trail’ section we did, we arrived at Barcaldine – WOW! quite a lovely spot, lotz of history.

We actually camped a night in town then drove out to Lloyd Jones Wier, the water was quite brown but they had previously had quite a lot of rain so there was fresh water flowing through. We put the red claw pots in & managed to get a couple feeds & went for a few walks – a lovely spot. It has been wonderful to spend time with our mates(Gary & Rae) from Bagara while discovering these amazing places in Queensland. We cooked up a roast chicken & veges in the camp oven (worked out well) & also cooked up a few savoury scones for morning tea. Its a free camp with donations excepted – definitely worth it & is quite a popular spot, lotz of wildlife & some interesting walks.

Beautiful bottle brush flowering everywhere & the parrots think it’s Christmas.

next stop

Brown water but still quite lovely.

our camp sites

great ablutions

Roast chicken in the camp oven – very yummm

lotz of visitors

out walking

love the pelicans….

Erect prickly pear – fruiting & was very yumm

Rae & Peter relaxing

more visitors

Good morning, Australia……….

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