Lake Dunn to Aramac

This is the only part of the sculpture trail the we did but was fantastic.

We drove down Eastmere Rd towards Aramac & stopped at the sculptures – they were quite amazing.

Mary & I walked down to the ‘bronco’ from our camping spot

the ‘bronco’

The ‘crayfish was at the entrance to the Lake Dunn camping area.

‘the ‘crayfish’

‘frill neck lizard’
Emu, chicks & Gary

the ‘ echidna’
the ‘rainbow serpent’
the ‘jabirius’
the ‘spring fish’
‘plains turkeys’ (bustards)
Johnathan Thurston
Harry Redford & his dog

the ‘ram’
pushbike with goanna & kangaroos
the ‘racehorse’

The racehorse was actually at the race track & off the road a far way so I could not get a very good pic.

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