Milikapiti # 7

Usually every Sunday & Monday we go out boating, the 1st day(sunday) we put the crab pots in & do a little bit of fishing, usually just 1 or 2 fish for dinner & we have a bit of a look around.

Its quite specky out on the water early in the morning & is just a wonderful experience. We usually like to go out into Shark Bay & find a few reefs to fish on, we have a few good spots now. Sometimes we chase mackeral if the birds are working (the birds are chasing bait) & the mackeral are chasing the bait also, mackeral are a lot of fun too catch. A few weeks ago Peter had a field day catching sharks (not by choice but thats all he was catching in that particular spot) but he did have fun.

We usually go walking early in the morning, the colour of the sky changes a lot & is quite spectacular at times, we do lotz of sweating but it is enjoyable.

We have managed to catch some good sized ‘Golden Snapper’ (fingermark) & Spangled Emperor – very yummy too. I have caught a few ‘blue bone’ & parrot fish- they are a really pretty fish, very tasty too although we have released all the ones I have caught so far, hoping to get one with a bit of size.

Here we go again – WOW! it is sooo enjoyable.
Peter in action – he caught several sharks today.
On one of our walks, looking out over the ‘clinic’, a storm was brewing.
We live opposite this place, behind the trees is the water – Snake Bay, the sun is rising.
One ‘happy’ trekker……
All sunscreened up & ready for another wonderful day on the water.

Thought there was a log….
Nah, just a happy snapper, not real big.
Not bad. Golden Snapper(finger mark) – 75cms
Parrot fish – catch & release, he was happy to swim away.

Milikapiti # 6

4 months gone already, Milikapiti is very enjoyable. We work reasonably hard but we do get to go out in the boat every Sunday & Monday which makes life pretty good. Now that we have a 4WD that actually goes into 4WD -life is good. There is a local croc that resides at the boat launching area so we do keep our eyes peeled while launching & retrieving the boat, about 2 weeks ago while Peter was parking the ute & trailer, I saw the croc about 10mts away, definately makes your hair curl.

‘Hector’ is a daily storm which goes through the Tiwi Islands nearly every day during the wet season(usually 3pm but time does vary), he can get quite ferocious at times, we try to ensure we are out of the water before he arrives. He is actually a well known storm & has been documented in a variety of magazines & fishing logs.

We have been doing rather well in the fishing dept, always come home with a feed, & also catch & release lotz of fish. The majority of the time we also come home with mud crabs which is a definite bonus. It has been really nice out on the water, some days there is a swell but on these days we do not venture too far out in the bay. We have seen quite a few dolphins & turtles while out fishing as well.

While I was out collecting palm fronds last week I came across a family of owls – quite beautiful little creatures, Mum. Dad. & the kids.

So good to be able to launch & take boat out of the water safely now.
Its that time again.
Its so lovely out on the water especially on mornings like this.
Woo ho, dinner 2nite.
Looks like ‘Hector’ is building up, time to go home.
Out early next morning to collect crab pots – so beautiful
Rod is bending – looking good.
while Peter pulled in a nice Golden Snapper, I managed to pull in a ‘little cod’ not much bigger than my sinker….haha
1 0f 3 keeper crabs.
They cooked up really well – yummo.
Found in our garden at accommodation, still working on name.
Mum or Dad (not sure which one)

One of the babies.

Milikapiti #5

WOW! We have been here at Milikapiti on Melville Island, Tiwi Islands 90klms north of Darwin for 3 months. We have had a few storms, the majority of them consisting only of noise but we have had some ‘wet’ stuff. The colours of the skies are amazing most days late in the afternoon especially with some clouds around.

We have a garden area in the centre area of the accommodation setup, mainly ferns, palm trees & a few hibiscus plants – the hibiscus has been flowering & the white one produced a beautiful flower with 2 of the petals pink – wow!

We went out fishing last weekend, Sunday & Monday, Sunday we put the crabs pots out & caught a nice fingermark bream for dinner, we caught several more & released them. Monday morning we were out on the water at daybreak – a beautiful time of day, the colours of the skies constantly changing. We caught a few nice fish but kept only one, a spangled emperor, he swallowed the hook & was not going to survive but he did make a nice meal, we collected the crab pots on the way home – YEA, mud crabs on the menu. We had a pretty good day. 🙂

Looking out to the Milikapiti skies from the Sports club, our workplace.
Came across these fellows on our morning walk.
Red tree shrub – Leea rubra
Early morning fishing trip.
Green snapper/Spangled emperor

Milikapiti #4

Some of the locals here at Milikapiti, first up Lady GaGa(she was brought up by a local family) & just wanders around the community, one day while we were cleaning fish she came up to us on the other side of the fence, I hosed her & she loved it, just stood there & lapped it up. There are quite a few horses here, no one rides them or does anything with them, one girl has a sway back, something you don’t see too often these days. There is quite a few of blue-wing kookaburra’s here, they do lots of squawking early in the morning, no laughing…hahah . There have been lots of black cockatoo’s around the 3 weeks but not within photo range.

We try to go out fishing Sundays & Mondays, its quite beautiful out on the water, we put the boat in at the creek & away we go, have managed to find a few good spots & having lotz of fun, chased the birds & caught a few nice mackeral (there was so many) but we only took 2, 1 for us & 1 for our neighbours, have only caught 4 muddies so far(quite yummy) but we will keep trying….

We had our 1st 2 day trip to Darwin from Milikapiti, was good to catch up with a friend at the Ski club, we flew out Sunday after lunch & arrived back at Milikapiti Tuesday morning.

Found little juvenile near the fence not far from the tree they live in, he was gone after a few hours.
Green Snapper/Spangle Emperor
The 1st mackeral Peter caught, the smaller of the 2 we kept.
I caught this GT(golden trevally), we released him.
early morning run – quite beautiful
Early morning contrail passing the moon.
fingermark – kept this one
fingermark – we released this fellow
Spangle emperor, we kept him as he didn’t recover from hook removal but we did catch & release half a dozen more of this variety(great fun to catch)
Our 1st 2 day stay in Darwin, met a friend at the Ski club, a great spot to watch the sun go down.

Milikapiti # 3

Went for a drive towards the eastern side of the island, after a couple of hours on a gravel road that did have quite a few corrugations, pot-holes & trees, we turned off another track & found ourselves at an entry point of Goose Creek, it is possible to launch a boat here & then go out to the coast. There was a few camps set up & it is utilised by the locals quite often especially during the magpie geese season. We then went back to main road & drove to Cache Point, quite a beautiful spot, it was low tide when we were there, there is a naval survey point located here. Back tracked a little & found our way to Lethbridge Bay & the mouth of Jessie River – looks like a good camping spot.

We drove to Purrampunarli (Maatern van Deft Coastal Reserve) which is approx 10klm drive from Milikapiti (the community), from here we were able to walk(only at low tide) across to Carslake Island – this is quite a popular spot with the locals, they collect oysters, crabs, long bums(a cone like shell with tucker inside), we didn’t find any of the above but we didn’t spend too much time looking, once the tide turns you don’t really want to be too slow in getting back to the mainland.

Goose Ck meanders through a wetland before reaching the bay.
Lotz of tracks waiting for us to discover them. This one to Cache Point.
Cache Point.
Saw some coral although not real pretty but still attractive in its own way, a good hidy hole for small bait fish in the puddles.
Always have to have a few scary pics……….
Looking out to the mouth of Lethbridge Bay
Jessie River
At low tide from the Reserve you can walk across to Carslake Island, high tide is a definite nono.
On the Island.

Milikapiti #2

We are coming up to 4 weeks here at Milikapiti on Melville Island on Thursday 23rd Sept, time is flying. The first few pics are of where we live at the accommodation area, there are 9 other donga rooms which are let out to govt workers, contractors or whoever comes up with the $. They are all single rooms (although some have double beds) except ours, we have a 2 bedroom, lounge, kitchen/dining & bathroom – which is quite comfortable & the air con works well.

Put the boat in at Mirikauyunga Creek, took a spin up to the mouth, too windy & rough so we didn’t venture any further so we fished not far from where we put the boat in & caught some nice fingermark(golden snapper) & quite a nice size cod & 1 small catfish.

Went walking on our next days off, up past the barge landing & followed the beach as far as we could go – came across a creek, a little too deep to cross & there are ‘happy snappers’ around, back home, got quite windy on the way back but was an enjoyable jaunt.

On one of our drives around Melville Island we arrived at where the ferry goes across to Bathurst Island(the 2nd island which makes up the Tiwi Islands), a small ferry that travels across between the islands, the day we were there a large ferry from Darwin was at the jetty.

Come across some nice flowers on way back.

It’s raining, bit of thunder & the skies opened, 10 minutes later all gone. (monday 13th sept).

This is our place, 3 doors.
kitchen dining area
Lounge Room – 2 comfy chairs.
Our bathroom then through to our bedroom.
Launching the boat.
Yea. We on the water again.
Rather nice cod.
Peter catching 2 fingermark at once, we released most.
4WD not working, had to get assistance to tow ute with boat retrieval.
Bit blowy on way back from our walk.
Very low tide at boat ramp Mirikauyunga Creek.
Found some critters on the boat ramp.
Lotz of cycads over the island.
Looking out to Bathurst Island, the ferry can be seen on right side of pic.
This is the ferry that travel from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands.
Called into this beach for a look & walk.
Found this specimen on the beach, still has some colour.
what a beauty.
apple mangrove(these had fallen off treea)
apple mangrove(these still on the tree)
some nice rain

Milikapiti – Melville Island – Tiwi Islands

WOW! We have finally arrived at our new job destination.

Jumped on a charter plane, single engine, 6 seater in Darwin Thursday 26th August & flew to Snake Bay (Melville Island) – a 30 minute flight, it was quite good no big drops & a smooth landing. Our boat arrived the next day early in the morning on the barge from Darwin – it was a beautiful morning, there were several horses wandering around.

Started work Friday in the canteen at the Milikapiti Sports & Social Club, Peter is maintaining the money handling/til – he is doing well. I am looking after the cooking part which is consistent, the canteen is open from 4.30pm to 7.30pm(Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday), we have a 3 hr window of go go go, prepping prior & cleaning afterwards of course as well.

Our luggage takes up the 2 back seats…….haha & we didn’t have much
Goodbye Darwin.
Thats us.
Welcome to Melville Island
Coming up to Milikapiti
Our pilots, the main driver was a learner – no stripes yet.
Our charter plane
Melville Island international airport
part of our new work place
Peter at his work site – the til.
The weekly barge from Darwin.
Yea – our boat has arrived being collected by our work vehicle
Beautiful early morning.
Some of locals
white hibiscus – so beautiful
The barge landing.
Looking to the right from barge landing
Looking to the left from barge landing
Kou also known as Sea trumpet

Still on the road….

We managed to get the boat up to Dunmarra (320klms south of Katherine) then drove back to Banka Banka Station (255klms south of Dunmarra) & spent the night in the camper. Banka Banka is a beautiful camping spot, natural spring water, very clean ablutions, grassed camp areas, happy hour every night from 6-8pm, they have a bar available & camp fire. Its a great meet & greet spot.

Some of the locals are really quite cute.

Next day found us packing up camp & driving to Katherine, we camped up for the night then drove to Darwin the next day (Sunday 15th Aug) to our good mates Sonja & Barry’s place at Palmerstone. Next day Monday 16th Aug at 12 noon, Darwin & Katherine were put on a 3 day snap lockdown…….hahaha

Happy hour spot
some of the locals
definately a chatty fellow
In Darwin with great mates Sonja & Barry.

Bye, bye Amburla Station. NT

WOW! we have been at Amburla for just over 3 months, we drove out for the last time on Saturday 5th August, the new couple that was overtaking from us arrived early, Friday 4th, so off we went. We decided to go down the Sandover Highway which is a dirt/gravel road (not far off Stuart Hwy going east towards Mt Isa), the road is quite good really, we spent 2 nights camping out along the way & arrived at Camooweal Monday mid-morning. Our plan was to park the camper up & drive to Cairns, spend some time with good mates Pauline & Peter, then down to Cardwell more good mates Mandy & Raymond then to El Airsh( Peter’s nephews place) to collect the boat & drive back to Camooweal BUT once we got there & were in phone service area we had a few messages – Cairns was in lockdown & our new prospective boss on the Tiwi Islands was worried we might not get back into the Northern Territory – we changed our plans slightly, booked camper into c/park for few nights then headed east, we kept driving til 0200hrs & swagged it for 4 hours just north of Townsville, then drive to El Arish & collected boat, swagged it again at 0100hrs just west of Mt Isa, got up early drove across border(no problems with border passes) & booked boat into Barkly homestead for 2 nights then drove back to Camooweal collected camper back across the QLD/NT & pulled up at a free camp just on dark to camp for the night.

The Sandover Hwy & there was traffic….
Christmas bush also known as winter cassia
Our camp 1st night
some people have a good life
Bit of red soil around
this could be a Desert princesplume
Still on the Sandove Hwy.
Getting closer to QLD
Yea!, we at the border near Lake Nash Station
Quite a few cattle around the water & not a lot of feed for them.
Camp 2nd night
Sun going down.
Some beautiful colours.
On the road again.
Had to stop to get a pic of these beauties
Entering the Northern Territory
Some amazing colours very late afternoon.
Yea! we made it, boat & camper in the NT although still have a few klms to travel.
Relaxation, arrived at free camp just before dark.

Amburla Station, NT. #8

Our last trip into Alice Springs, I came across this beauty – WOW! The grevillea’s have only been flowering for a few weeks but they are very nice.

We had our good mate Trevor spend a few nights with us, so while Peter did the watering at Milton Park, Trev & I walked up to the telstra tower & kept going along the ridge line, it was great, (hay Mary I’m sure you & I could have done it too) – it took us a few hours to get back to the homestead but it was an enjoyable trek. We came across this weird but quite striking coloured rock, it was the only one with this colouring that we saw. The views were awesome & there was a breeze which made it very enjoyable, the only downfall being spinifix but we managed not to get too many spikes in us.

grevillea in Alice Springs
Tried to find out what this is, no answers yet, had a mint like smell & lovely.

Our good mate Trevor.

Cephalaria leucantha – in the honey suckle family

Walking along the ridgeline.
An amazing coloured rock.