Boodjamulla National Park #3

Today is canoe day (3klm return trip), they have several canoes going out for 2 hour stints & this happens 3 times a day as well as the boat cruise. We actually followed the cruise boat for a while but they were slower than us, it was truly beautiful on the water, the cliff faces were lined with different plants but the pandanus dominated the creek banks. You paddle upstream & let the spectacular orange sandstone walls of the Middle gorge guide you to the Indarri Falls, there are 2 small waterfalls, apparently there is a rather large freshwater crocodile residing behind the larger of the 2 falls, we didn’t see it but other people have. We had a few swims & a snack here, the archer fish & sooty grunter were everywhere (they are used to being fed), but you are not to fish in the National Park. Paddled back to the start, jumped in our ute & drove back to Adels Grove, its 10klms from Adels Grove to Boodjamulla National Park.

Next day, we drove back to the National Park & walked a few different tracks, due to flood damage access to these tracks meant crossing the creek – interesting. We walked down the ‘wild dog dreaming track’ to the lower gorge lookout then back around to climb up to the Island Stack, quite steep but worth it, the Island Stack track was a 1.5klm circuit track with many different panoramic views. To finish our walk once we reached the bottom of the ‘stack’ climb we continued along the Botanical walk & then returned to the creek crossing. Quite a delightful day.

here comes the sun
canoeing up the Lawn Hill creek
the plant life on the rock cliffs are amazing
we both still paddling from inside of the canoe…….haha
Indarri Falls
sitting opposite the falls have a waddle, that is our canoe
so many archer fish & sooty grunter swimming around
he’s still there
Back to Boodjamulla, walk day today.
Flood damage
he made it
walking the Wild dog dreaming track
Looking up at the Island Stack
he loves stairs……
Calytrix shrubbery flowering profusely
kapok flowering everywhere
Lower gorge
he would make a nice dinner!
Knicker nut (Caesalpinia bonduc)
walking up to the Island Stack
we made it
Island Stack lookout

now we have to go back down…..
we got down – WOW!
Lillies at the end of the Botanical walk track

Boodjamulla National Park #2

After leaving Miyumba bush camp we drove to Adels Grove – WOW!

Not sure why but the camp was not even one quarter full, but we were very happy with our camp spot. Its a lovely place, there are no powered sites but ample camping areas, fires allowed, cabins, lots of ablution blocks, rubbish removal, awesome swimming in the Lawn Hill Creek, fresh but beautiful, free washing machines & water for your tanks in trailers/car, a small restaurant & bar open for a few hours, canoe & push bike hire. So we did all of the walks over 2 days & hired a canoe for a few hours another day – we had a great time, some of the tracks were quite challenging at times but we got there….

We waddled in the Lawn Hill creek everyday, sometimes twice, it was very refreshing & deep.

our camp spot
lotz of these critters around
here we go 🙂
Quite a few Pink mulla mulla around
Upper gorge lookout
Upper gorge lookout from the highest point
here we go walking downhill now
looking up to where we have walked
Lawn Hill Ck at bottom of the upper gorge
saw a few turtles there
Bower bird nest
Indarri Falls lookout
Duwadarri lookout
Dryandra’s grevillea
the sun is gone but the colours were awesome

Boodjamulla National Park #1

We spent a few days in Mt Isa, shopping etc getting ready for next jaunt.

Leaving Mt Isa along Barkly Hwy, the roadsides were filled with these beautiful Pink mulla mulla – so nice. Approximately 70klms east of Camooweal we turned north onto Yelvertoft/Thorntonia Rd then later onto Gregory Downs/Camooweal Rd then left onto Riverslea rd. Not sure why but we see heaps of vehicles ‘parked up’…….hahaha. Peter deflated the tyre pressure on ute & trailer to ensure less damage/easier ride. Just after Riveslea Station homestead we crossed over 2 water crossings & then ‘Miyumba Bush Camp’ appears, it is a part of the Boodjamulla National Park – we camped here for a few days, a nice spot, only 6 camp spots available. Over the few days we walked the river banks, upstream we came across a goanna on a mission & saw quite a few wallabies, downstream we saw a barra but caught 2 very nice sooty grunter(black bream), each day we had a waddle in our ‘spa’, very refreshing but nice. A few people camped but no more than 4 counting us while we were there.

Pink mulla mulla (Ptilotus exaltus)
a car parked up!!!!!
Peter deflating the tyre pressure
these moo’s took off as soon as we got out of the ute.
1st crossing – O’Shannassy River
2nd crossing Gregory River
our camp
yummo -dinner
road crossing over the Gregory river
‘our spa’

Corella Dam – Clem Walton Park(QLD)

After spending a few days in Mt Isa we drove approximately 60klms east towards Cloncurry (14/8/22)& headed to the Clem Walton Park & Corella Dam, it is a lovely spot & well used by lotz of people. Clem Walton Park is on lower side of dam wall & very nice, we actually camped on Corella Dam on small headland (only suitable for 1 camper) which was awesome. It was very easy to launch the little boat & was quite scenic.

We have been trying a new recipe with or fish – flour, egg, salt & smashed vinegar chips- very yum. I did some mushrooms as well – it worked out well. We have had an amazing time here & its great.

This is an awesome camp spot . I thoroughly recommend.

Keep smiling &enjoy. 🙂

our campsit
so many of these little fellows
the wall & our boat
on our way
lotz of these critters
just luv the pelicans
lotz of freshies around
Golden snapper, mushrooms & coleslaw for dinner 2nite
a fire every afternoon
our 1st catch, we released him
so many of these shags
our camp straight across the water
we climbed this hill, was actually steeper than it looks….
great views from up here
other side of dam wall
lotz of r’n’r………
few of these critters around camp
our 2nd day catch, another release
this fellow guarded our pot…haha
so nice to have a fire
early frosty morning & they still love to swim

Driving the Barkly stock route(NT)

Leaving Dunmarra we travelled approx 20klms south along the Stuart Hwy then headed east along the Barkly stock route road, first part being bitumen then gravel but very good. We camped along the road but a good distance off the road, we hadn’t seen a vehicle since being on this road). There was heaps of flowering grevillea, my plant app calls them a Red silky oak but I am not sure BUT they look beautiful. We bought a fire pit & this was the first time we used it – WOW! it worked really well & we cooked on it. On the road again, passed through on the outskirts of Doomadgee & found a rather large gravel pit with a rather large pond of water. Set up camp & noticed a lot of smoke but it did not reach us. Got up early & found a few critters around the pond of water, the colours were very nice. After breakfast we set off & further into Queensland….Called into Hells Gate for fuel….but it is a very nice place in the middle of nowhere! Next stop Burketown, a local told me the population is about 400, it looks really nice, we drove out to the boat ramp -WOW, it is awesome.

We kept driving, called into Burke & Wills roadhouse & fueled up again then drove down the Wills Development road towards Julia Creek, found a over camp spot & set up for the night. Not a bad camp, got a great fire happening, cooked dinner & bed. The magpies woke me early with their melodious conversations so I investigated – magical time of day, the bird life & colours were beautiful. Not far down the road on route to Cloncurry we came across a few emu’s – they weren’t real friendly.

according to my plant app this is a ‘red silky oak’ /’grevillea banksii’
our camp
sun goin down
Golden snapper with tomato & onion

our view
sun coming up
next stop to camp up was at a gravel pit between Doomadgee & the QLDborder
a fire in the background……
potato slices on the fire pit
a wallaby having a drink
sun coming up – very pretty
a wedgetail in the distance
a jet above
an ‘interesting’ rock formation……………
hello Queensland
you need it, you get it
Wills development road
always got to have a ‘crazy pic’

Binns Track, from Timber Creek (NT) end.

Judbarra National Park here we come, we turned right & Ben kept going straight ahead on the Victoria Hwy towards Katherine, then onto Lorella Springs. Our plan is to go to the Humbert track turnoff, go through Top Springs & head to Dunmarra on the Stuart Hwy. The yellow marking on map below shows our track out to Top Springs & beyond.

We called into Bullita Homestead, quite a lot of history & interesting stuff, a massive big boab steals the show. We camped up at Humbert Top Yards not far from the turnoff. It took us approx 4.5 hours to go 48klms so it was a slow & scenic drive, the boab tree markers along the way were cute and we did see a few critters along the way. Next morning we left the National park & drove through Humbert Station & over the Humbert River, I managed to get a pic of a wallaby having a drink. Saw quite a few wedgetails along the way, such an amazing bird, I do feel sorry for their morsels but at least is is usually road kill.

Got to Dunmarra roadhouse/caravan park, we stayed 2 nights, did some cleaning & washing etc, the guy who owns this place is a friend of Ben’s & we were able to leave our boat here for 5 days last year on route to Tiwi Islands so we make an effort to stay here when passing through, it is also very reasonably priced & quiet although very busy.

WOW. such a beauty
the homestead
interesting facts
this section of the road is great
we stop regularly to check tyres etc
markers telling you distance travelled
our camp at Humbert top yards
our view
next track
this is the only mob of donkeys we saw
lotz of these critters
this fellow having a drink at the Humbert river
wedgetail having a feast
crows are clever

Travelling to Auvergne Station

Auvergne Station is approximately 4200sq kilometers, it located 50klm west of Timber Creek(NT) & 137klm east of Kununurra(WA), shares a border with Bullo River & Newry Stations & the Winan Aboriginal Land Trust. It boasts many beautiful Boab trees throughout the property as well as along the driveway. Ben lives in a small but nice dongha with his own ablutions & washing machine, all his meals are taken in the kitchen unless he takes lunch out on the runs which happens quite often. He is a bore runner, fence fixer, truck driver – MR FIXIT & he is very good at it. We were lucky enough to spend 4 nights with him & go out 2 days on the bore runs (lotz of them travelling lotz klms). Repairing of fences around the water area’s is constant & the bores are checked twice a week at present, that could change if the weather warms up more, like most stations they look forward to the wet season & hope they get a good rainfall. The cattle look good, they are currently doing some mustering & sending quite a few trucks with 3 double trailers away.

While out driving with Ben, he took us up a very steep incline which leads to the border between Auvergne & Bullo Downs Station, the track going up the incline is a one lane bitumen road, the trucks can only take one trailer up at a time – this track is the road entry to Bullo Downs, it had a great view. It is a beautiful property & it was great to spend time with Ben & assist in a small way with his jobs.

We packed up & left Thursday 4th August, Ben was going on leave for just over a week on a fishing trip with some friends to Lorella Springs & we were headed east then south onto the Binns Track & come out at Dunmarra Roadhouse.

Thankx Ben, it was awesome to spend time with you. xxx

Approx 10klms before we got to Auvernge Station this mob ran across the highway to have a drink.
Amazing Boabs lining the driveway
Ben’s dongha (the 2nd one)
BBQ & social club area
here comes the sun
1st early morning repair but no joy, will have to return here 2moro
some one is watching
they are everywhere
quite a few moo’s with 1 longish horn
boots off job
this track leads to the Bullo River boundary
lotz of galah’s
some real cuties too
very few of these around & none in working condition
so cute
up early again next morning
the cockies hang around the yards where the weaners were being fed
a big old girl
1 of the many……..
amazing what they can do with their tongue
back to yesterday mornings job, someone has to go in….
Ben’s ute & buggy all packed
Thankx Ben 🙂 xx

Arnhem Land -Buffalo Safaris

Our great friends Sonja & Barry collected us from the plane, on our Darwin trips from Milikapiti we have stayed in our camper which we had parked up in Barry’s shed as well as leaving our ute inside a locked fence – we were very lucky to be able to do this for the 11 months we were on Melville Island thankyou so much Barry & Sonja – Early Tuesday morning we went out with them to their bush camp for 5 days, Barry runs buffalo hunting safaris for trophy buffalo. Their camp is approximately 8 – 9 hours south west of Darwin, you drive out on the Central Arnhem Highway through Beswick community & turn off just before Bulman community to the camp.

Barry & Sonja set up an amazing camp, they put in a lot of hard work & many hours to present it – WOW! it is ‘glamping’ at its best. It was quite dry out there & there have been a lot of fires around so the food supply for the buffalo, donkeys & horses is a bit sparse but you can still find them. The solar lights provide a great guide around the camps at night, howling dingoes, donkeys bellowing & barking owls were conversing every night & then the dawn breaks with the cockatoo’s & blue wing kookaburra’s squawking.

We went for a drive to Gulun gulun, it was an operating as a buffalo hunting complex for quite a few years then approximately 5 years ago it was abandoned – a lovely highset house with sheds, trucks & lotz of gear, it has been ransacked quite often since.

Thankx Barry & Sonja for sharing your amazing camp with us. 🙂

the shed
off to the bush camp
Sonja & Peter having some r’n’r
flushing toilets
hot & cold showers
our camp
dining area
lotz of different looking termite nests
this fellow came to the came & didn’t want to leave
a beautiful camp
so many gumnuts
cute little fellow
lotz of these fellows around
the solar lights light up the tracks really well at night
one of the many delights Sonja serves
collecting the cherabin
quite a few healthy looking orchids
Gulun gulun

Milikapiti #25

The last few days……………………………………..

Met Lady GaGa & Arthur on my walk, Lady Ga Ga has been around since before we first came here, Arthur is a new addition & follows her everywhere, they are always together these days. The sun just coming up – what a beautiful time of the day. Peter enjoyed his last walk at Milikapiti, Thursday 21st July, we did a circuit walk & came out just after the barge landing so we had a few hundred metres of beach walking. I walked Friday & Saturday morning then donated my walking shoes as I had glued them several times & they weren’t happy… Saturday I walked down towards Tim Ram Boo, a popular fishing spot for the locals, overlooking Snake Bay, it was lovely.

We spent the last few days cleaning & packing up as well as working but it was exciting to know that we would soon be on the road again.

We flew out Sunday 24th July on a charter flight, Peter had to sit in the front seat next to the pilot, the flight took about 30 minutes, Snake Bay to Darwin. While we were boarding our plane a rather large helicopter was parked up on the apron of the landing strip – rather a large thing, apparently it is used for taking people in & out from the drilling rigs.

Had a great time here at Milikapiti but the time has come.

The Grevilleas’ are so very beautiful at present.
Passed a few characters on my walk back home.
overlooking Milikapiti community
coming into Darwin

touch down
trying to disembark…….

Milikapiti #24

We are on count down less than 2 weeks to go til we go on a one way ticket out of the Tiwi Islands, since we have no boat anymore we spend our days taking drives to different places. Last Sunday 10th July, we drove to Pirlangimpi, the other community on Melville Island, as we were driving around the community we found Connie, she used to work at the club in Milikapiti but now lives in Pirlie. She took us to ‘her country’, a 30 minute drive from town – WOW! what a beautiful spot, she has a 3 bedroom holiday house that overlooks the water(Timor Sea), lotx of fish & crocodiles but still a very beautiful area. There are 3 houses here with generated & solar power, water & septic – bit sad that no one lives here permanently but they do get utilised at times. When we got back to Connie’s place her pet pig ‘Christmas’ was playing with the dogs, Christmas should have a long life, they not going to eat him.

The next day we drove to the south eastern side of Melville, it was an interesting drive, the first part of the drive was easy as the road had been graded recently, the last part was much more fun. We saw quite a few buffalo but once they saw & heard our vehicle they took off, lotz of people hunt in this area so I imagine the buffalo are learning. Getting closer to the beach we came across another critter, a goanna was sunbaking on part of the track, there was lotz of buffalo tracks especially noticeable in the low tide sections also their trade mark – their tower like poop….

The beach was amazing, so very beautiful, the tide was low but on the rise. We went for a walk up the beach & found quite a few turtle tracks, even saw a few holes they dug up to lay their eggs. Lotz of soldier crabs running around as well as the hermit crabs. Walking on the rocks I saw quite a few bait fish & several crabs in the rock pools, the mangrove forests are very interesting especially at low tide, their roots are a majestic maze.

Just before we got back to Milikapiti we came across a group of horses, it was ‘old sway back’s’ mob – I am not sure how to describe her.

Peter & Connie
Connie’s holiday house
Connies pet pig ‘christmas’
on our way to Conder Point(Yimpinari)
Buffaloes on the run after seeing our vehicle
this critter wasn’t too scared
buffalo tracks
Yes, lotz of buffalo – they do big poops…..
getting closer to the beach
WOW! what a beautiful beach.
turtle tracks
the hole the turtles made for their eggs
lotz of soldier crabs running around

found this critter in the rock pools

the mangroves are quite amazing especially at low tide
the older sway back