Bedford Weir

18th – 23 October 2022

Bit late with blog but you get that.

Bedford weir is located 25klms (N) of Blackwater on the Mackenzie River in the Central Highlands region of Queensland, it is a free camp although donations are appreciated, it has great ablutions & a great place for camping, fishing boating & relaxing. There is quite a lot of wildlife & the camp area is overseen by a pride of peacocks who chat at night & roam the grounds during the day.

The day after we arrived the rain began, although we weren’t inundated, upstream of us was, the water level was rising quite a lot. Vehicles were driving over the causeway early on the first morning but not for long.

We had a great campsite & managed to stay dry with the rain we had over the 4 days, the last few days the sun was shining & the water was still rising…..We put in some redclaw pots the first day, our catches weren’t the best but it was nice going out in the boat, as the water rose some of our pots were hard to find, Gary & Rae had placed a couple on the other side of the weir to us but because the water rose so quick they were unable to retrieve them & it wasn’t possible to get to them via boat either- so they were donated. But we did manage to get a couple redclaw.

Every morning we would walk down to the causeway to see how much the water was rising – in the photo’s watch out for the ‘giveway sign’ it will give an indication of the water levels. The water still had not peaked when we left Bedfors Weir, lotz of locals (humans) were checking out the water levels everyday too.

A lovely place, even with the rain & flooding.

our camp sites

one of the many……

still able to drive over causeway the first morning(approx 30cm deep)

the water colour – a nice shade of green

so many galahs around the place

water definitely changing colour

give way sign emerging into the water

Pink Bohemia’s flowering everywhere – very beautiful

grevillea near the ablutions in full flower too

the locals keeping an eye on the water levels

not a bad size, just not many

early morning jaunt to the causeway

woo ho – lotz of fun with these two 🙂

boys putting pots out

topside of weir

water still rising, the 1st day we tied boat to small tree near reeds

sun going down

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