Boodjamulla National Park #3

Today is canoe day (3klm return trip), they have several canoes going out for 2 hour stints & this happens 3 times a day as well as the boat cruise. We actually followed the cruise boat for a while but they were slower than us, it was truly beautiful on the water, the cliff faces were lined with different plants but the pandanus dominated the creek banks. You paddle upstream & let the spectacular orange sandstone walls of the Middle gorge guide you to the Indarri Falls, there are 2 small waterfalls, apparently there is a rather large freshwater crocodile residing behind the larger of the 2 falls, we didn’t see it but other people have. We had a few swims & a snack here, the archer fish & sooty grunter were everywhere (they are used to being fed), but you are not to fish in the National Park. Paddled back to the start, jumped in our ute & drove back to Adels Grove, its 10klms from Adels Grove to Boodjamulla National Park.

Next day, we drove back to the National Park & walked a few different tracks, due to flood damage access to these tracks meant crossing the creek – interesting. We walked down the ‘wild dog dreaming track’ to the lower gorge lookout then back around to climb up to the Island Stack, quite steep but worth it, the Island Stack track was a 1.5klm circuit track with many different panoramic views. To finish our walk once we reached the bottom of the ‘stack’ climb we continued along the Botanical walk & then returned to the creek crossing. Quite a delightful day.

here comes the sun
canoeing up the Lawn Hill creek
the plant life on the rock cliffs are amazing
we both still paddling from inside of the canoe…….haha
Indarri Falls
sitting opposite the falls have a waddle, that is our canoe
so many archer fish & sooty grunter swimming around
he’s still there
Back to Boodjamulla, walk day today.
Flood damage
he made it
walking the Wild dog dreaming track
Looking up at the Island Stack
he loves stairs……
Calytrix shrubbery flowering profusely
kapok flowering everywhere
Lower gorge
he would make a nice dinner!
Knicker nut (Caesalpinia bonduc)
walking up to the Island Stack
we made it
Island Stack lookout

now we have to go back down…..
we got down – WOW!
Lillies at the end of the Botanical walk track

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