Normanton, Mentana Creek & Swan Swamp.

After leaving Adels Grove we drove through to Nomanton, spent a couple days washing, cleaning up etc. 31/8/22 – 3/9/22

Then on the road again aiming for Mentana Creek which is on Dunbar Station, we were lucky enough to be allowed to camp there, my cousins Danny & Julie know the manager so after a phone call we had the go-ahead. It was a great camp, just us & a few fresh water crocs, 3 amazing sea eagles & a few kite hawks & of course cherabin & barramundi….. We managed to catch 4 barra keepers & quite a few cherabin, we did lose a lot of bara but had fun trying, did catch a sooty grunter, a sleepy cod & numerous catfish – we had a great time, did lotz of walking. On 1 of our walk we saw the largest brolga’s we have ever seen, so tall. The bird life was great, the sea eagles are a magnificent bird & very clever, we used to put our fish frames & fish heads(separated) out on some rocks near our camp, they always knew & very rarely ever let another bird take them. Our breakfast usually consisted of toast plus whateva but thanks to Neil(another cuz) we have a great toasting implement.

We drove to the Mitchell river before heading to Swan Swamp, we were planning on filly up the water tanks but a grader was working so we gave it a miss, a beautiful river(does have crocs but tastes great). 🙂

From Mentana Creek we ventured north west, we were meeting up with cousins Julie & Danny Bosh(& a few others) at Swan Swamp – an amazing water hole in the middle of nowhere…..with lotz of critters. 8/9/22

The iconic Purple Pub in Notmanton
sun going down in Normanton
Mentana Creek
our camp
looking at our camp from other side of creek
fresh water mangrove – beautiful
saw these 2 very large brolga’s
the ibis was eying of the fish frame
the king of birds – Sea Eagles
sea eagle in action
the cook 2nite
our toaster – a winner
the mighty Mitchell River
Mitchell River
Swan Swamp on road to Kowanyama
Swan Swamp
magpie geese
pigs everywhere
they love their lillies
”a cutie’
duck heaven

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