Boodjamulla National Park #2

After leaving Miyumba bush camp we drove to Adels Grove – WOW!

Not sure why but the camp was not even one quarter full, but we were very happy with our camp spot. Its a lovely place, there are no powered sites but ample camping areas, fires allowed, cabins, lots of ablution blocks, rubbish removal, awesome swimming in the Lawn Hill Creek, fresh but beautiful, free washing machines & water for your tanks in trailers/car, a small restaurant & bar open for a few hours, canoe & push bike hire. So we did all of the walks over 2 days & hired a canoe for a few hours another day – we had a great time, some of the tracks were quite challenging at times but we got there….

We waddled in the Lawn Hill creek everyday, sometimes twice, it was very refreshing & deep.

our camp spot
lotz of these critters around
here we go 🙂
Quite a few Pink mulla mulla around
Upper gorge lookout
Upper gorge lookout from the highest point
here we go walking downhill now
looking up to where we have walked
Lawn Hill Ck at bottom of the upper gorge
saw a few turtles there
Bower bird nest
Indarri Falls lookout
Duwadarri lookout
Dryandra’s grevillea
the sun is gone but the colours were awesome

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