Boodjamulla National Park #1

We spent a few days in Mt Isa, shopping etc getting ready for next jaunt.

Leaving Mt Isa along Barkly Hwy, the roadsides were filled with these beautiful Pink mulla mulla – so nice. Approximately 70klms east of Camooweal we turned north onto Yelvertoft/Thorntonia Rd then later onto Gregory Downs/Camooweal Rd then left onto Riverslea rd. Not sure why but we see heaps of vehicles ‘parked up’…….hahaha. Peter deflated the tyre pressure on ute & trailer to ensure less damage/easier ride. Just after Riveslea Station homestead we crossed over 2 water crossings & then ‘Miyumba Bush Camp’ appears, it is a part of the Boodjamulla National Park – we camped here for a few days, a nice spot, only 6 camp spots available. Over the few days we walked the river banks, upstream we came across a goanna on a mission & saw quite a few wallabies, downstream we saw a barra but caught 2 very nice sooty grunter(black bream), each day we had a waddle in our ‘spa’, very refreshing but nice. A few people camped but no more than 4 counting us while we were there.

Pink mulla mulla (Ptilotus exaltus)
a car parked up!!!!!
Peter deflating the tyre pressure
these moo’s took off as soon as we got out of the ute.
1st crossing – O’Shannassy River
2nd crossing Gregory River
our camp
yummo -dinner
road crossing over the Gregory river
‘our spa’

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