Corella Dam – Clem Walton Park(QLD)

After spending a few days in Mt Isa we drove approximately 60klms east towards Cloncurry (14/8/22)& headed to the Clem Walton Park & Corella Dam, it is a lovely spot & well used by lotz of people. Clem Walton Park is on lower side of dam wall & very nice, we actually camped on Corella Dam on small headland (only suitable for 1 camper) which was awesome. It was very easy to launch the little boat & was quite scenic.

We have been trying a new recipe with or fish – flour, egg, salt & smashed vinegar chips- very yum. I did some mushrooms as well – it worked out well. We have had an amazing time here & its great.

This is an awesome camp spot . I thoroughly recommend.

Keep smiling &enjoy. 🙂

our campsit
so many of these little fellows
the wall & our boat
on our way
lotz of these critters
just luv the pelicans
lotz of freshies around
Golden snapper, mushrooms & coleslaw for dinner 2nite
a fire every afternoon
our 1st catch, we released him
so many of these shags
our camp straight across the water
we climbed this hill, was actually steeper than it looks….
great views from up here
other side of dam wall
lotz of r’n’r………
few of these critters around camp
our 2nd day catch, another release
this fellow guarded our pot…haha
so nice to have a fire
early frosty morning & they still love to swim

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