Driving the Barkly stock route(NT)

Leaving Dunmarra we travelled approx 20klms south along the Stuart Hwy then headed east along the Barkly stock route road, first part being bitumen then gravel but very good. We camped along the road but a good distance off the road, we hadn’t seen a vehicle since being on this road). There was heaps of flowering grevillea, my plant app calls them a Red silky oak but I am not sure BUT they look beautiful. We bought a fire pit & this was the first time we used it – WOW! it worked really well & we cooked on it. On the road again, passed through on the outskirts of Doomadgee & found a rather large gravel pit with a rather large pond of water. Set up camp & noticed a lot of smoke but it did not reach us. Got up early & found a few critters around the pond of water, the colours were very nice. After breakfast we set off & further into Queensland….Called into Hells Gate for fuel….but it is a very nice place in the middle of nowhere! Next stop Burketown, a local told me the population is about 400, it looks really nice, we drove out to the boat ramp -WOW, it is awesome.

We kept driving, called into Burke & Wills roadhouse & fueled up again then drove down the Wills Development road towards Julia Creek, found a over camp spot & set up for the night. Not a bad camp, got a great fire happening, cooked dinner & bed. The magpies woke me early with their melodious conversations so I investigated – magical time of day, the bird life & colours were beautiful. Not far down the road on route to Cloncurry we came across a few emu’s – they weren’t real friendly.

according to my plant app this is a ‘red silky oak’ /’grevillea banksii’
our camp
sun goin down
Golden snapper with tomato & onion

our view
sun coming up
next stop to camp up was at a gravel pit between Doomadgee & the QLDborder
a fire in the background……
potato slices on the fire pit
a wallaby having a drink
sun coming up – very pretty
a wedgetail in the distance
a jet above
an ‘interesting’ rock formation……………
hello Queensland
you need it, you get it
Wills development road
always got to have a ‘crazy pic’

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