Arnhem Land -Buffalo Safaris

Our great friends Sonja & Barry collected us from the plane, on our Darwin trips from Milikapiti we have stayed in our camper which we had parked up in Barry’s shed as well as leaving our ute inside a locked fence – we were very lucky to be able to do this for the 11 months we were on Melville Island thankyou so much Barry & Sonja – Early Tuesday morning we went out with them to their bush camp for 5 days, Barry runs buffalo hunting safaris for trophy buffalo. Their camp is approximately 8 – 9 hours south west of Darwin, you drive out on the Central Arnhem Highway through Beswick community & turn off just before Bulman community to the camp.

Barry & Sonja set up an amazing camp, they put in a lot of hard work & many hours to present it – WOW! it is ‘glamping’ at its best. It was quite dry out there & there have been a lot of fires around so the food supply for the buffalo, donkeys & horses is a bit sparse but you can still find them. The solar lights provide a great guide around the camps at night, howling dingoes, donkeys bellowing & barking owls were conversing every night & then the dawn breaks with the cockatoo’s & blue wing kookaburra’s squawking.

We went for a drive to Gulun gulun, it was an operating as a buffalo hunting complex for quite a few years then approximately 5 years ago it was abandoned – a lovely highset house with sheds, trucks & lotz of gear, it has been ransacked quite often since.

Thankx Barry & Sonja for sharing your amazing camp with us. 🙂

the shed
off to the bush camp
Sonja & Peter having some r’n’r
flushing toilets
hot & cold showers
our camp
dining area
lotz of different looking termite nests
this fellow came to the came & didn’t want to leave
a beautiful camp
so many gumnuts
cute little fellow
lotz of these fellows around
the solar lights light up the tracks really well at night
one of the many delights Sonja serves
collecting the cherabin
quite a few healthy looking orchids
Gulun gulun

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