Milikapiti #25

The last few days……………………………………..

Met Lady GaGa & Arthur on my walk, Lady Ga Ga has been around since before we first came here, Arthur is a new addition & follows her everywhere, they are always together these days. The sun just coming up – what a beautiful time of the day. Peter enjoyed his last walk at Milikapiti, Thursday 21st July, we did a circuit walk & came out just after the barge landing so we had a few hundred metres of beach walking. I walked Friday & Saturday morning then donated my walking shoes as I had glued them several times & they weren’t happy… Saturday I walked down towards Tim Ram Boo, a popular fishing spot for the locals, overlooking Snake Bay, it was lovely.

We spent the last few days cleaning & packing up as well as working but it was exciting to know that we would soon be on the road again.

We flew out Sunday 24th July on a charter flight, Peter had to sit in the front seat next to the pilot, the flight took about 30 minutes, Snake Bay to Darwin. While we were boarding our plane a rather large helicopter was parked up on the apron of the landing strip – rather a large thing, apparently it is used for taking people in & out from the drilling rigs.

Had a great time here at Milikapiti but the time has come.

The Grevilleas’ are so very beautiful at present.
Passed a few characters on my walk back home.
overlooking Milikapiti community
coming into Darwin

touch down
trying to disembark…….

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