Travelling to Auvergne Station

Auvergne Station is approximately 4200sq kilometers, it located 50klm west of Timber Creek(NT) & 137klm east of Kununurra(WA), shares a border with Bullo River & Newry Stations & the Winan Aboriginal Land Trust. It boasts many beautiful Boab trees throughout the property as well as along the driveway. Ben lives in a small but nice dongha with his own ablutions & washing machine, all his meals are taken in the kitchen unless he takes lunch out on the runs which happens quite often. He is a bore runner, fence fixer, truck driver – MR FIXIT & he is very good at it. We were lucky enough to spend 4 nights with him & go out 2 days on the bore runs (lotz of them travelling lotz klms). Repairing of fences around the water area’s is constant & the bores are checked twice a week at present, that could change if the weather warms up more, like most stations they look forward to the wet season & hope they get a good rainfall. The cattle look good, they are currently doing some mustering & sending quite a few trucks with 3 double trailers away.

While out driving with Ben, he took us up a very steep incline which leads to the border between Auvergne & Bullo Downs Station, the track going up the incline is a one lane bitumen road, the trucks can only take one trailer up at a time – this track is the road entry to Bullo Downs, it had a great view. It is a beautiful property & it was great to spend time with Ben & assist in a small way with his jobs.

We packed up & left Thursday 4th August, Ben was going on leave for just over a week on a fishing trip with some friends to Lorella Springs & we were headed east then south onto the Binns Track & come out at Dunmarra Roadhouse.

Thankx Ben, it was awesome to spend time with you. xxx

Approx 10klms before we got to Auvernge Station this mob ran across the highway to have a drink.
Amazing Boabs lining the driveway
Ben’s dongha (the 2nd one)
BBQ & social club area
here comes the sun
1st early morning repair but no joy, will have to return here 2moro
some one is watching
they are everywhere
quite a few moo’s with 1 longish horn
boots off job
this track leads to the Bullo River boundary
lotz of galah’s
some real cuties too
very few of these around & none in working condition
so cute
up early again next morning
the cockies hang around the yards where the weaners were being fed
a big old girl
1 of the many……..
amazing what they can do with their tongue
back to yesterday mornings job, someone has to go in….
Ben’s ute & buggy all packed
Thankx Ben 🙂 xx

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