Milikapiti #19

0700hrs Monday 23rd May, Peter, Rob( relief manager for 2 weeks) & I went down to the creek, they both went out in the boat & I walked back home, they returned just after lunch with a few Golden Snapper. On my walk home I came across a few beauties, the wattles are flowering profusely at the moment – so beautiful.

The following weekend Peter & I put the crab pots in & caught a few jacks for dinner on the Sunday, next day up early & back out in the boat – WOW, such a beautiful time of day, it was a little cloudy but the sunrise was still awesome, just watching the different times of the sun rising makes the boat outing worth it. It was a little bumpy while going out to the bay but the end result was worth it. We caught heaps of fish & released the majority of them, had loads of fun, we collected the crab pots, 6 crabs, 3 keepers. Amongst the trees at one of the spots where we had a crab pot, there was hundreds of bats, you could smell & hear them from quite a distance.

I passed a few ponies on my morning walk, they not too friendly but I did manage to get a pic.

Quite a nice Golden Snapper (fingermark)
Flossflower a species of Whiteweed
Golden wattle
so many images of sunrise
fruit bats galore
our keepers for the trip
3 keeper crabs – yummo
This young fellow is about 10 months old.
the eucalypts are flowering like crazy
Harlequin glory bower also known as Peanut butter tree

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