Milikapiti #20

We had visitors again- Darren & Jenelle, the ‘Brincows’ arrived from Darwin on the Sealink ferry then crossed the channel to Paru on the car ferry where we collected them & drove back to Milikapiti. It was great to have them here with us.

12th June, Sunday morning, we launched the boat, a little windy, we will go out into the bay & see how we go but first of all we put the crab pots in. It was a little fresh but this is the ‘dry’ season. We got out to one of the reef areas we fish but the wind was not pretty, the swell not nice & quite choppy so back into the creek. Darren started of with a smallish Golden Snapper with a ‘happy snapper’ watching him near by. Jenelle soon started catching a few too.

Early next morning back down to the creek, skies were beautiful. 2 dingoes were interested in what was happening & got quite close. The weather forecast hasn’t changed so we staying in the creek fishing again, even the creek was a little bouncy…….haha. I caught a small shark but he caused a bit of havoc with our lines. We had another ‘happy snappy’ closing in on us today, one poor unfortunate small fish that swallowed the hook, his survival not good, the happy snappy wanted more……We collected the crab pots with 3 keepers which were enjoyable.

Went for a few drives, one out to ‘pretty flower’ & Karslake – so nice.

The ‘burn offs’ / fires have being going for the last month, not sure if they are all proper burns but that is how it is.

Saw some black cockies on my early morning walk, don’t see them very often.

The Brincows are here. 🙂
Beautiful day out on the water.
Time to put crab pots in.
But it was a little fresh.
Darren starting small.
This fellow was watching.
Jenelle wasn’t being left out.
Sway back #1 in town with her growing foal.
Early morning next day on our way to the creek
These 2 fellows were interested in us launching the boat.
I caught a shark.
Darren & Peter wanted to be apart of the shark capture too.
This fellow was close.
Demolishing a rather small fish which swallowed the hook so wasn’t happy.
He wanted more.
Time to collect the crab pots.
Had a very enjoyable few days on the water with the Brincows.
Was nice to feast on a few muddies.
Took the Brincows out to ‘pretty flower’, a nice lookout.
Called into Karslake for a visit, a very beautiful place
A burnoff near the club, our workplace.
Black cockatoo’s

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