Milikapiti # 18

We got up early the next day & out in the boat again, it was so foggy, never seen fog like this here before, actually we have never seen fog here period. But it was interesting especially when the sun was trying to shine through. We had 2 keepers, Danny caught both of them. We collected the crab pots & managed to keep 4 crabs, they were yummy. We took Danny & Julie over Karslake for a drive, a very popular camping spot for the locals & very lovely, during spring tides at low tide you can walk over to Karslake Island.

Took Julie & Danny back to Paru, they caught the car ferry across the channel to Bathurst Island then jumped on the Sealink ferry to take them back to Darwin. Along the way we passed many flowering wattles, they look awesome.

Maori sea perch
mud crabs
overlooking Karslake island
Sydney Golden Wattle
Golden Wattle
Bye Boshies, thanks for visiting,we will see you in Sept. 🙂

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