Milikapiti # 17

13th May found us driving to Paru approximately an hours drive from Milikapiti, it is opposite Bathurst Island where the ferry from Cullen Bay, Darwin arrives. The ferry ride takes about 2 & a bit hours. My cousins Danny & Julie Boshie from north QLD arrived via the Sealink ferry & are visiting for 6 days -very exciting. Once you arrive at Bathurst Island you either jump on the dingy or the car ferry which ever is crossing the channel to Melville & hopefully your lift will be waiting. Along the way we passed one of the locals ‘holiday houses’, there was quite a few of these sea containers set up with a tank, outhouse & concrete patio – pre-covid, but of course once covid struck the locals couldn’t go bush to these holiday houses as the health centre staff said they wouldn’t be able to find & treat people if they were covid positive ……????

We stopped at the local freshwater swimming hole which is currently quite nice because of the rain we had, it dry’s up over the dry, Danny spotted a skeleton of some sort!!! don’t know what it is. any ideas would be appreciated. The countryside is full of flowering wattles at the moment, they are truly beautiful & smell great too. We had a quick stop at Family beach & the tide was high still very nice.

Early next morning, we had a quick breakfast & headed to the creek, WOW! what a beautiful looking day. The weather & sea ended up being amazing – soooooo nice. We put crab pots in & then went out fishing, we had great fun, saw dolphins, sharks & a few birds. Came home, cleaned fish, ate fish & played cards. Had an awesome day with awesome people.

Sealink ferry
Bathurst Island where the ferry docks.
car ferry which also carries passengers
Julie & Danny arrive
one of the local holiday houses
& they have an outside outhouse too
the local fresh water swimming hole
not sure what this was?????any ideas?

Sydney Golden Wattle
Family Beach
Family Beach
sunrise on the way to the creek to go out fishing
Putting the crab pots in
great times out on the water
Woo ho – really good day on the water, Danny -Golden snapper. Kerry-Golden trevally
Julie -Maori sea perch
Golden snapper
our keepers 🙂

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