Milikapiti # 16

Last Sunday 24th April we took the boat out to a place called Cook’s reef( supposed to be good fishing area) & while fishing we saw lots of birds diving onto the water, big splashes etc so we thought it would be good to check out & maybe catch some mackerel. As we got closer there was a large dark mass in the water, the closer we got you could see heaps of fish & sharks, the dark mass was bait fish – 1000’s of them. The fish & sharks were going crazy, we stopped & threw lures in trying to catch some mackerel, Peter caught 2 sharks, I caught a tuna mackerel & 2 sharks – we gave up as it took ages to get sharks off our lines without losing our lures but it was fun & interesting. We then went back to another reef where we frequently fish, Peter caught a Tricky snapper(our dinner) & also a Epaulette shark (a real cutie).

Went out again on Monday – its so nice going out on the boat. We went to our usual reef area & tried a few different spots with success, 5 keepers – 2 x Golden snapper, 1 x Spangled emperor(also know as Green snapper), 2 x rock cod & 2 muddies. This time when we collected the pots the crocs had only played with 2 pots so not too many repairs. Not long after we got home, the boat cleaned & fish cleaning time – the rain started…..haha

Went for a walk Thursday morning, the bird life at present is amazing (all too quick for any pics) but the parrots are gorgeous & there is an abundance of sulphur crested cockatoo’s.

A mass of bait fish.

sharks chasing bait fish
Tuna mackerel
Epaulette shark
She is such a great boat.
Another day out on the water.
Golden snapper – 53cms
Spangled emperor
Ornamental pincushion

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