Milikapiti #15

Time is going so quick, mid April already.

Took a drive out to ‘Pretty Flower’, this place is high cliffs overlooking Shark Bay & the locals come here & fish, apparently lately they have been catching a few bara off the banks, we thought we would try our luck, no joy for bara, I caught a trevally & released it, but the walk back up hill was short, steep & interesting. Drove out to Karslake, a very popular camping spot for the locals, very nice area. Its currently very overgrown with cane grass which the many birds thinking its paradise although the seeds are very friendly & kept jumping onto our clothes….hahaha

We flew to Darwin for 2 nights, my turn for having dentist visits, one of those things we should do more often. We fly out of Milikapiti Sunday 1.30pm & fly back Tuesday morning 0800hrs. I got a few pics from the plane flying over the south coastline of Melville Is & the channel between Melville & Bathurst Islands, quite interesting I thought.

The next days off back out in the boat, come across some interesting looking jelly fish & YES, Kerry caught a bara…….hahaha, had to let Peter have a hold. Went out the next day but we had to get fuel first, found some lovely vegetation. While out fishing 1000’s of little crabs were swimming out to sea with the tide, I have never seen that before, they were everywhere. Once the tide turned – no crabs. We caught a few mangrove jack for dinner, collected the crabpots – no joy but the crocs played with a couple of them – more repairs. Still had a great time out on the water.

Looking out over Shark Bay – quite specki
Bit steep but good for the heart…….
Flowering legumes found while walking up the hill.
cane grass flowering everywhere at Karslake.
Looking for dinner.
So beautiful, they are flowering everywhere.
Bathurst Island in the background.
southwest coast of Melville Island
sun has gone for another day, overlooking the oval next to the club at Milikapiti
beautiful & unusual looking jelly fish
Yea, I caught a bara
Had to let Peter have a hold.
yellow alder- flowering everywhere at the moment
Beautiful flower of the rosella plant
They are fruiting profusely.
Lotz of these critters swam past us.

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