Milikapiti #14

WOW! We had visitors. Brother Rob & his son-inlaw Frankc both from Kununurra arrived on Friday 1st April, they caught the Sealink ferry from Cullen Bay(Darwin) to Bathurst Island (one of the 2 islands of the Tiwi Islands) then jumped on the tinny ferry to come across the channel to Melville Island approx 10 minute ride. Peter collected them & drove back to Milikapiti, approx 1 hour drive. It was awesome to have them here for 5 days. We went down to Tim-ram-boo, a tidal creek that goes into Snake Bay, the locals come here a lot for fishing. Took a drive to Family Beach approx 5klms from community another popular place with the locals, obviously no one had been down after a few storms because the boys had a little track maintenance to do. While they were doing this I took a few pics of the vegetation….It was low tide so the boys had fun in the mud, the mangrove roots are their own little forest-quite amazing really.

Sunday morning early we took boat to the creek, it was early & a beautiful time of day, the boys launched the boat, they will put crab pots in & hopefully catch some fish while having a great time. I walked back home (5 klms easy walk ). They didn’t fill the eski but had good fun, will try again tomorrow. After they returned & a rest we played cards & enjoyed fresh fish for dinner.

Early Monday morning we fueled up the boat & set off to the creek. Launched the boat & the boys were off, this time ‘old mate’ was there to send them off to, Frankc pointed him out….. I started my walk home, not quite as dark as we were a little later this morning. They returned home mid-afternoon, a few fish & 3 crab pots in need of lots of repair……oh well, no crab for dinner but fresh fish again & they get to take some home to Kununurra, Rob & Frankc flying out tommorrow morning, 30 minute flight to Darwin. It was wonderful having Rob & Frankc visit. 🙂

Tim-ram-boo tide was low
the creek enters Snake Bay
The boys make the track a bit more accessible.
Family Beach
mangrove country
the boys are off
bit dark for start of my walk but didn’t take long to lighten up
Saw this fellow on the walk back.
Quite a beautiful wedgetail.
The hibiscus plants are flowering profusely at the moment.
Nearly home.
Fueling up before the sunrise.
Frankc pointing out our mate – the croc
there he is
time to walk back again, not quite as dark this morning.
time to walk home…….

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