Milikapiti #13

On one of the walks we do is over looking Shark Bay, WOW! it is really quite beautiful. Saw a few different fungi & flowers along the way which always makes the walk more interesting.

Took a drive out to ‘Family Beach’, quite a lovely spot. There were some dolphins having some fun but my pics do not justify them……haha. Lotz of hermit crabs on the move in the shallows.

Peter & I out boating (27th & 28th March), we put the crab pots out & threw a few lures, got a few mangrove jacks but released them. Monday out boating again – this time went out to a reef we visit regularly & I caught a nice parrot fish, they are so beautiful & yummy, there were quite a few jelly fish like critters around, I hadn’t seen these before & not easy to get a pic of. We collected the pots – no joy except for one cod, not a bad size so a keeper.

Indian cork tree
Woolly frogs mouth
Yellow adder
Yea – fungi
Family Beach
Looking out at ‘family beach’
a mob of dolphins were having some fun times (left edge of pic)
hermit crabs were on the move

Parrot fish
Peter in action……..
Some type of jelly fish???????
Got this fellow in a crab pot.

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