Milikapiti # 12

As we were putting the boat in, ‘old mate’ was not far away, I think there must be a couple of them as this fellow wasn’t that big. Successful day, 2 nice mangrove jack keepers & 1 muddie. It was beautiful out on the water, clouds started to build up so not long after we headed in, just got in before the skies opened.

While out walking came across a few nice things, flowers & fungi in full swing.

Last Sunday (20th March), Peter took our a contract worker & his son(they live in Darwin), left before the sun came up, they managed to catch a few Golden snapper(fingermark) but no keepers. I went with them to the creek where we launch the boat then walked back, 5.2klm, it was nice walking as the sun came up.

Peter & I went out boating on the Monday, we caught a few keeper Golden snappers & a Sea bass (we released him), another beautiful morning on the water.

‘old mate’
clouds starting to build up a little
yummy jacks
only 1 but he was delicious
Something this fungi edible
Azure bluet – flowering everywhere.
Hibiscus are flowering in abundance.
Full moon just as dawn is breaking.
Peter, Mick & Jacob heading out.
quite a few puddles on the road from the rain
Pomaderris kumuraho
3 golden snapper
Sea bass – 1st one we have ever caught

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