Milikapiti #9

On one of our walks to Timramboo, a creek that runs out into Snake Bay & where quite a few locals go fishing & crabbing depending on the tide, we came across quite a few Sea hibiscus (also has many different names), they are flowering profusely & are quite lovely. We come across quite a few different plants & flowers on our walks which makes it more interesting.

The last 2 week-ends (16/17th & 23/24th Jan) we went to Darwin, Peter had some dental appointments, the 2nd weekend was quite special as we got to spend some time with Ben, he is working on a cattle station not far from the NT/WA border, so it was great to be able to catch up with him. On both flights back to Milikapiti we had to undergo RAT tests, negative result to be able to board the plane – all good. We were on the ‘milk run’ for our last trip back from Darwin, flew to Bathurst(which is the other main island), then to Pirlangimpi(Garden Point which is the other community on our island) then to Milikapiti & of course the weather was interesting…….haha

A few hours after our return to Milikapiti we went into ‘lockdown’…..hahaha, the community has over 50% of positive cases of omicron at present, Sunday just gone we came out of lockdown & went into ‘lockin’…..haha. So at the moment although we are still working at the Club we have cut down a lot as 99% of our customers are the locals & they are not moving around too much (which is a good thing although its a bit late now); because of the lockin we haven’t been able to go boating but we have had a monsoon hanging around & its been quite windy so house hanging has been okay. We have had 8 extra nurses/health staff here from Darwin doing testing this last week & assisting at the clinic, they have been staying at the accommodation(where we live).

But we are allowed to go walking – 1 hour or up to 5klms. I usually walk for an hour & between 4 & 6 klms so I think I qualify……..haha 🙂

Sea hibiscus.
Morning glory – known as sweet potato
Pirlangimpi Community
Yea, I found some fungi.
Yellow alder – commonly referred to as a weed. Its everywhere & looks nice.
The ‘happy’ trekker.

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