Milikapiti #10

Well, we are still in a ‘biological security lockdown’ but apparently that is supposed to finish this week……..who knows!!!

Didn’t change our lifestyle too much, the bar wasn’t open for 2 weeks but our section(food) was half open, not too busy but all back to normal now except the numbers are still down but that could be a good thing.

Last weekend (6 &7th Feb), we did our usual fishing days, put the crab pots out on Sunday with a little bit of fishing then returned early Sunday morning out to reef area in Shark Bay. We placed a few crab pots upstream in Samba Creek this time (we launch the boat in this creek), we haven’t done a lot of fishing & crabbing up here so we thought we would try our luck, decided to throw a few lures with no joy BUT while out, the skies opened……haha, not heavy torrential rain but heavy enough although we had plenty of cover under the canopy of the boat.

Day 2, Monday, out in the boat nice & early – WOW! so beautiful. There is quite a few pics of clouds – I was amazed by their formation with the sunrise, so nice. Fishing was real successful, Peter caught a queen fish & shark, we released them both, I caught a parrot fish – our dinner, very yummy. The clouds were forming, the wind & downpour started. Not an experience I would like to repeat too often but we got through, slow & steady. We collected the crab pots which gave us lotz of joy & we also released 3 of these as well (we had enough). They were very yummy….:-)

Live bait stirring up the mud, hard to see in this pic.

The skies opened.

Next day out – awesome.

Peter caught a nice queen fish, we released it
???? a happy snappper in the distance
Bit closer look & discovered a log covered in barnacles.

The skies opened again, this time with torrential rain & wind, not nice.

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