Milikapiti # 8

Everytime we go out in the boat, the first day being Sunday we put some crab pots in & then collect them on the Monday. We usually managed to get at least 1 keeper which is nice, apparently the crabs are more active in May, June & July so that will be something to look forward to.

We have seen quite a few paperbark trees while out driving & walking & they are in full flower at present – very nice. I managed to get a few pics while out walking & just after a shower of rain. Quite a few different species flowering at the moment, majority of them probably classed as weeds but they stilll look good.

There is quite a few horses around the community producing quite a few foals as well, they run wild & the local people don’t touch them (although a few people might eat them, I don’t know). The photo below of the mare & foal I pass regularly on my walks, there is usually a stallion not far away, unfortunately the life span of the foal is not looking good, his front right knee joint is very swollen & he doesn’t bend his knee at all, obviously staked it somehow & has probably got an infection – the dingoes & wild dogs (there are a lot) will eventually get him.

The last 4 pictures are of the hibiscus’s that are flowering profusely at the accommodation area, photo taken just after a shower of rain.

He cooked up okay.

Punk tree a species of the paper bark also known as bottle brush tree.

Common morning glory

Johnstonella angustifolia (family of the forget-me-nots)

Flossflower a species of Whiteweed. Quite pretty actually.

This critter was trying to hide from the rain, not very successfully I think.

One of the many mares & foals around the community.

Hibiscus plants outside of our door.

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