Milikapiti # 7

Usually every Sunday & Monday we go out boating, the 1st day(sunday) we put the crab pots in & do a little bit of fishing, usually just 1 or 2 fish for dinner & we have a bit of a look around.

Its quite specky out on the water early in the morning & is just a wonderful experience. We usually like to go out into Shark Bay & find a few reefs to fish on, we have a few good spots now. Sometimes we chase mackeral if the birds are working (the birds are chasing bait) & the mackeral are chasing the bait also, mackeral are a lot of fun too catch. A few weeks ago Peter had a field day catching sharks (not by choice but thats all he was catching in that particular spot) but he did have fun.

We usually go walking early in the morning, the colour of the sky changes a lot & is quite spectacular at times, we do lotz of sweating but it is enjoyable.

We have managed to catch some good sized ‘Golden Snapper’ (fingermark) & Spangled Emperor – very yummy too. I have caught a few ‘blue bone’ & parrot fish- they are a really pretty fish, very tasty too although we have released all the ones I have caught so far, hoping to get one with a bit of size.

Here we go again – WOW! it is sooo enjoyable.
Peter in action – he caught several sharks today.
On one of our walks, looking out over the ‘clinic’, a storm was brewing.
We live opposite this place, behind the trees is the water – Snake Bay, the sun is rising.
One ‘happy’ trekker……
All sunscreened up & ready for another wonderful day on the water.

Thought there was a log….
Nah, just a happy snapper, not real big.
Not bad. Golden Snapper(finger mark) – 75cms
Parrot fish – catch & release, he was happy to swim away.

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