Milikapiti # 6

4 months gone already, Milikapiti is very enjoyable. We work reasonably hard but we do get to go out in the boat every Sunday & Monday which makes life pretty good. Now that we have a 4WD that actually goes into 4WD -life is good. There is a local croc that resides at the boat launching area so we do keep our eyes peeled while launching & retrieving the boat, about 2 weeks ago while Peter was parking the ute & trailer, I saw the croc about 10mts away, definately makes your hair curl.

‘Hector’ is a daily storm which goes through the Tiwi Islands nearly every day during the wet season(usually 3pm but time does vary), he can get quite ferocious at times, we try to ensure we are out of the water before he arrives. He is actually a well known storm & has been documented in a variety of magazines & fishing logs.

We have been doing rather well in the fishing dept, always come home with a feed, & also catch & release lotz of fish. The majority of the time we also come home with mud crabs which is a definite bonus. It has been really nice out on the water, some days there is a swell but on these days we do not venture too far out in the bay. We have seen quite a few dolphins & turtles while out fishing as well.

While I was out collecting palm fronds last week I came across a family of owls – quite beautiful little creatures, Mum. Dad. & the kids.

So good to be able to launch & take boat out of the water safely now.
Its that time again.
Its so lovely out on the water especially on mornings like this.
Woo ho, dinner 2nite.
Looks like ‘Hector’ is building up, time to go home.
Out early next morning to collect crab pots – so beautiful
Rod is bending – looking good.
while Peter pulled in a nice Golden Snapper, I managed to pull in a ‘little cod’ not much bigger than my sinker….haha
1 0f 3 keeper crabs.
They cooked up really well – yummo.
Found in our garden at accommodation, still working on name.
Mum or Dad (not sure which one)

One of the babies.

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