Milikapiti #5

WOW! We have been here at Milikapiti on Melville Island, Tiwi Islands 90klms north of Darwin for 3 months. We have had a few storms, the majority of them consisting only of noise but we have had some ‘wet’ stuff. The colours of the skies are amazing most days late in the afternoon especially with some clouds around.

We have a garden area in the centre area of the accommodation setup, mainly ferns, palm trees & a few hibiscus plants – the hibiscus has been flowering & the white one produced a beautiful flower with 2 of the petals pink – wow!

We went out fishing last weekend, Sunday & Monday, Sunday we put the crabs pots out & caught a nice fingermark bream for dinner, we caught several more & released them. Monday morning we were out on the water at daybreak – a beautiful time of day, the colours of the skies constantly changing. We caught a few nice fish but kept only one, a spangled emperor, he swallowed the hook & was not going to survive but he did make a nice meal, we collected the crab pots on the way home – YEA, mud crabs on the menu. We had a pretty good day. 🙂

Looking out to the Milikapiti skies from the Sports club, our workplace.
Came across these fellows on our morning walk.
Red tree shrub – Leea rubra
Early morning fishing trip.
Green snapper/Spangled emperor

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