Milikapiti #4

Some of the locals here at Milikapiti, first up Lady GaGa(she was brought up by a local family) & just wanders around the community, one day while we were cleaning fish she came up to us on the other side of the fence, I hosed her & she loved it, just stood there & lapped it up. There are quite a few horses here, no one rides them or does anything with them, one girl has a sway back, something you don’t see too often these days. There is quite a few of blue-wing kookaburra’s here, they do lots of squawking early in the morning, no laughing…hahah . There have been lots of black cockatoo’s around the 3 weeks but not within photo range.

We try to go out fishing Sundays & Mondays, its quite beautiful out on the water, we put the boat in at the creek & away we go, have managed to find a few good spots & having lotz of fun, chased the birds & caught a few nice mackeral (there was so many) but we only took 2, 1 for us & 1 for our neighbours, have only caught 4 muddies so far(quite yummy) but we will keep trying….

We had our 1st 2 day trip to Darwin from Milikapiti, was good to catch up with a friend at the Ski club, we flew out Sunday after lunch & arrived back at Milikapiti Tuesday morning.

Found little juvenile near the fence not far from the tree they live in, he was gone after a few hours.
Green Snapper/Spangle Emperor
The 1st mackeral Peter caught, the smaller of the 2 we kept.
I caught this GT(golden trevally), we released him.
early morning run – quite beautiful
Early morning contrail passing the moon.
fingermark – kept this one
fingermark – we released this fellow
Spangle emperor, we kept him as he didn’t recover from hook removal but we did catch & release half a dozen more of this variety(great fun to catch)
Our 1st 2 day stay in Darwin, met a friend at the Ski club, a great spot to watch the sun go down.

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