Milikapiti # 3

Went for a drive towards the eastern side of the island, after a couple of hours on a gravel road that did have quite a few corrugations, pot-holes & trees, we turned off another track & found ourselves at an entry point of Goose Creek, it is possible to launch a boat here & then go out to the coast. There was a few camps set up & it is utilised by the locals quite often especially during the magpie geese season. We then went back to main road & drove to Cache Point, quite a beautiful spot, it was low tide when we were there, there is a naval survey point located here. Back tracked a little & found our way to Lethbridge Bay & the mouth of Jessie River – looks like a good camping spot.

We drove to Purrampunarli (Maatern van Deft Coastal Reserve) which is approx 10klm drive from Milikapiti (the community), from here we were able to walk(only at low tide) across to Carslake Island – this is quite a popular spot with the locals, they collect oysters, crabs, long bums(a cone like shell with tucker inside), we didn’t find any of the above but we didn’t spend too much time looking, once the tide turns you don’t really want to be too slow in getting back to the mainland.

Goose Ck meanders through a wetland before reaching the bay.
Lotz of tracks waiting for us to discover them. This one to Cache Point.
Cache Point.
Saw some coral although not real pretty but still attractive in its own way, a good hidy hole for small bait fish in the puddles.
Always have to have a few scary pics……….
Looking out to the mouth of Lethbridge Bay
Jessie River
At low tide from the Reserve you can walk across to Carslake Island, high tide is a definite nono.
On the Island.

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