Milikapiti #2

We are coming up to 4 weeks here at Milikapiti on Melville Island on Thursday 23rd Sept, time is flying. The first few pics are of where we live at the accommodation area, there are 9 other donga rooms which are let out to govt workers, contractors or whoever comes up with the $. They are all single rooms (although some have double beds) except ours, we have a 2 bedroom, lounge, kitchen/dining & bathroom – which is quite comfortable & the air con works well.

Put the boat in at Mirikauyunga Creek, took a spin up to the mouth, too windy & rough so we didn’t venture any further so we fished not far from where we put the boat in & caught some nice fingermark(golden snapper) & quite a nice size cod & 1 small catfish.

Went walking on our next days off, up past the barge landing & followed the beach as far as we could go – came across a creek, a little too deep to cross & there are ‘happy snappers’ around, back home, got quite windy on the way back but was an enjoyable jaunt.

On one of our drives around Melville Island we arrived at where the ferry goes across to Bathurst Island(the 2nd island which makes up the Tiwi Islands), a small ferry that travels across between the islands, the day we were there a large ferry from Darwin was at the jetty.

Come across some nice flowers on way back.

It’s raining, bit of thunder & the skies opened, 10 minutes later all gone. (monday 13th sept).

This is our place, 3 doors.
kitchen dining area
Lounge Room – 2 comfy chairs.
Our bathroom then through to our bedroom.
Launching the boat.
Yea. We on the water again.
Rather nice cod.
Peter catching 2 fingermark at once, we released most.
4WD not working, had to get assistance to tow ute with boat retrieval.
Bit blowy on way back from our walk.
Very low tide at boat ramp Mirikauyunga Creek.
Found some critters on the boat ramp.
Lotz of cycads over the island.
Looking out to Bathurst Island, the ferry can be seen on right side of pic.
This is the ferry that travel from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands.
Called into this beach for a look & walk.
Found this specimen on the beach, still has some colour.
what a beauty.
apple mangrove(these had fallen off treea)
apple mangrove(these still on the tree)
some nice rain

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