Milikapiti – Melville Island – Tiwi Islands

WOW! We have finally arrived at our new job destination.

Jumped on a charter plane, single engine, 6 seater in Darwin Thursday 26th August & flew to Snake Bay (Melville Island) – a 30 minute flight, it was quite good no big drops & a smooth landing. Our boat arrived the next day early in the morning on the barge from Darwin – it was a beautiful morning, there were several horses wandering around.

Started work Friday in the canteen at the Milikapiti Sports & Social Club, Peter is maintaining the money handling/til – he is doing well. I am looking after the cooking part which is consistent, the canteen is open from 4.30pm to 7.30pm(Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday), we have a 3 hr window of go go go, prepping prior & cleaning afterwards of course as well.

Our luggage takes up the 2 back seats…….haha & we didn’t have much
Goodbye Darwin.
Thats us.
Welcome to Melville Island
Coming up to Milikapiti
Our pilots, the main driver was a learner – no stripes yet.
Our charter plane
Melville Island international airport
part of our new work place
Peter at his work site – the til.
The weekly barge from Darwin.
Yea – our boat has arrived being collected by our work vehicle
Beautiful early morning.
Some of locals
white hibiscus – so beautiful
The barge landing.
Looking to the right from barge landing
Looking to the left from barge landing
Kou also known as Sea trumpet

One thought on “Milikapiti – Melville Island – Tiwi Islands”

  1. Hi Guys sounds great and looks amazing, though the work area looks pretty cramped and messy. Like to see your accommodation. Hope the people are friendly and welcoming. Whats on the menu? Take care and have a ball and not work too hard. We’re flying out Sunday if they don’t cancel the flight again. Cheers Sonja and barry


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