Milikapiti – Melville Island – Tiwi Islands

WOW! We have finally arrived at our new job destination.

Jumped on a charter plane, single engine, 6 seater in Darwin Thursday 26th August & flew to Snake Bay (Melville Island) – a 30 minute flight, it was quite good no big drops & a smooth landing. Our boat arrived the next day early in the morning on the barge from Darwin – it was a beautiful morning, there were several horses wandering around.

Started work Friday in the canteen at the Milikapiti Sports & Social Club, Peter is maintaining the money handling/til – he is doing well. I am looking after the cooking part which is consistent, the canteen is open from 4.30pm to 7.30pm(Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday), we have a 3 hr window of go go go, prepping prior & cleaning afterwards of course as well.

Our luggage takes up the 2 back seats…….haha & we didn’t have much
Goodbye Darwin.
Thats us.
Welcome to Melville Island
Coming up to Milikapiti
Our pilots, the main driver was a learner – no stripes yet.
Our charter plane
Melville Island international airport
part of our new work place
Peter at his work site – the til.
The weekly barge from Darwin.
Yea – our boat has arrived being collected by our work vehicle
Beautiful early morning.
Some of locals
white hibiscus – so beautiful
The barge landing.
Looking to the right from barge landing
Looking to the left from barge landing
Kou also known as Sea trumpet

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