Still on the road….

We managed to get the boat up to Dunmarra (320klms south of Katherine) then drove back to Banka Banka Station (255klms south of Dunmarra) & spent the night in the camper. Banka Banka is a beautiful camping spot, natural spring water, very clean ablutions, grassed camp areas, happy hour every night from 6-8pm, they have a bar available & camp fire. Its a great meet & greet spot.

Some of the locals are really quite cute.

Next day found us packing up camp & driving to Katherine, we camped up for the night then drove to Darwin the next day (Sunday 15th Aug) to our good mates Sonja & Barry’s place at Palmerstone. Next day Monday 16th Aug at 12 noon, Darwin & Katherine were put on a 3 day snap lockdown…….hahaha

Happy hour spot
some of the locals
definately a chatty fellow
In Darwin with great mates Sonja & Barry.

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