Amburla Station, NT. #7

When the bosses are away we go to Hamilton Downs homestead & attend to the watering of the various plants & gardens. Hamilton Downs was the original place that we were supposed to be based at but plans changed just before we arrived, so we ended up at Amburla Station (which we are very happy about). Our bosses (Tony & Pam Davis) live in a cottage at Hamilton Downs when here, the manager lives in the main house & his worker lives in outside quarters – there are numerous sheds & buildings around with lotz of ‘stuff’. There is an old building which was the original hometead here, it now houses old saddle pads & harness yolks with some odds & ends. There are many old artefacts here at Hamilton which they are starting to try & preserve.

We have had Margaret (Peter’s Mum) & Mary (one of Peter’s sisters) visit for a week, it has been awesome. Everyday we have been going out driving around Hamilton Downs, Amburla & Milton Park & still have NOT managed to see it all, but having a very enjoyable time, its wonderful to have family visit us.

The main homestead
Obedient plane – Physostegia virginiana
a mini windmill, missing a few items but still an interesting figure
a quaint water tap
a cute cow
An old well which was used for many years with camels walking around the outside drawing up the water.
days of yesterday…..
old pack bags there were used quite a few ago
Checking out one the dams while out driving.
Margaret & Mary inside the ingoing trap gates which are part of all the yards .
Mum & son…
Lotz of paddy melons around at the moment, cattle don’t eat them.
Some of the new arrivals at Amburla Station.
Mary was an awesome gate opener & shutter.
Heath-leaved banksia, found lotz of these while out driving.
Coffee & crackers – afternoon relaxation.
Ring necked parrots love the bird bath.
Relaxing after dinner.
The early stages of the sun rising.
Full moon ready to disappear in the morning.
Early morning flight path of a plane behind this palm.

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