Amburla Station, NT. #8

Our last trip into Alice Springs, I came across this beauty – WOW! The grevillea’s have only been flowering for a few weeks but they are very nice.

We had our good mate Trevor spend a few nights with us, so while Peter did the watering at Milton Park, Trev & I walked up to the telstra tower & kept going along the ridge line, it was great, (hay Mary I’m sure you & I could have done it too) – it took us a few hours to get back to the homestead but it was an enjoyable trek. We came across this weird but quite striking coloured rock, it was the only one with this colouring that we saw. The views were awesome & there was a breeze which made it very enjoyable, the only downfall being spinifix but we managed not to get too many spikes in us.

grevillea in Alice Springs
Tried to find out what this is, no answers yet, had a mint like smell & lovely.

Our good mate Trevor.

Cephalaria leucantha – in the honey suckle family

Walking along the ridgeline.
An amazing coloured rock.

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