Amburla Station. NT. #6

We decided to walk up this hill at Milton Park, it is a Telstra communication tower, it has an elvation 750mts & 1klm from bottom to top – so it gave us a good cardio workout. The track was a bit rough in places & I don’t think any telstra people have driven up there for a while.

The view on the way up was great & improved the higher up we got, we could just see where the Amburla homestead was (approx 16klms).

Once we were at the top – WOW! the views in every direction were amazing, the landscape just keeps going & going & going. Since our 1st walk, we have repeated the experience & have decided to walk up the hill twice a week – good for our heart………..:-)

While driving around the other day we found the new lot of bullocks & steers that arrived from Sandover Highway station, they weren’t the friendliest but seem to be settling in. We saw some camels, about 9 of them, they weren’t real friendly either but you get that.

Up, up we go.
Yep, we are on our way.
Not there yet but the vista is awesome.
Nearly there, just around the corner.
Yea, we made it.
WOW! definately w.orth the walk
Heading back down, thats the Tanami Rd in the background.
Back to the ute.
Came across the new bullocks & steers which arrived 2 days ago.
The scenery is beautiful.
Charlie Creek
Driving through Charlie Ck.
They weren’t real keen to see us, took a runner then stopped for a quick peak before galloping off again.

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