Amburla Station, NT. #5

Since the stations have begun to be restocked with cattle we have been doing some more drives around the Amburla station & the outstation, Milton Park. WOW! the scenery is amazing & its a lotz fun. Its great to see some moo’s grazing while checking fence lines & keeping an eye on the water troughs at the bores (this isn’t really one of our job duties but Peter enjoys it & the manager appreciates Peters input), we really have fun doing it & I also get to play with the camera.

We spend quite a few hours driving around the stations & are continuing to discover new places all the time, the Hays Ranges are the boundaries between Hamilton Downs & Amburla station which does include Milton Park ,the West MacDonald Ranges are the southern boundaries for Hamilton Downs.

Looking out over Hayes Range.

All the bores have a name.

Majority of the bores are solar powered.
Lotz of these fellows around.
A hawks nest at Milton Park.
Taking a ‘selfie’ at Milton Park while the sun is coming up…………haha
Sunrise at Amburla.
Sunset at Amburla.
We haven’t seen a lot of wedgetails but I managed to get a pic of this fellow before he flew.
These girls did a runner then changed their minds……..
There has definately been moo’s on this track.
This fellow gave me one chance then took flight.
This couple wasn’t too worried about us.
This fellow was okay to have his photo taken but his mate took off.

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