Amburla Station, NT. #4

WOW! We have been here over 2 months already, time is flying.

We often go for drives around the station, checking fence lines, water troughs etc, you can drive for miles & miles, sometimes coming to a gate, not seeing many cattle, even less kangaroos & so far I have only seen 1 camel – but we have seen heaps of camel tracks.

It is really quite beautiful driving around the station & very interesting, there are more cattle ariving from the Sandover Pastoral Comp (the daughter of our boss, her & her husband are taking over Hamilton Downs & Amburla so they gradually restocking). We have had quite a few chilly starts to the day although no ice on the ground around the house at Amburla, Hamilton Downs has had their share of frosts so far & I heard in Alice Springs town have also had their fair share. The majority of the days have been really lovely, only had a couple of cloudy windy days which are enjoyed more from the inside of the house with the fireplace going.

There is quite a few ducks at the waterholes that are connected to a bore.
There are the remains of quite a few sets of yards around the station.
One of the many work vehicles.
This dam was being constantly filled with bore water as the council was using the water for road repairs.
What a cutie.
Most of the tracks throughout the station are well maintained.
So many galahs too.
Quite a beautiful country side.
There is quite a few cockateils in the area.
The cattle seem to be settling in okay & there are lotz of babies arriving.
Don’t think this old girl will be doing too much…..
The solar setup, generator in the background.
Workshop & shed.
Having an abundance of water allows us to keep the grass nice & green around the homestead.
The orange trees are still providing great snacks.

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