Amburla Station NT. #3

Irrigation washouts, poly pipe splitting probably from old age & various other leaks happening – repair of these is a common & popular job to be undertaken – Peter loves these jobs…… Watering the grass & gardens is a regular job also but quite enjoyable. Since the cattle have starting to arrive at the station Peter has been busy checking waters & fence lines – he is really enjoying this.

We assisted the manager & his worker with one mob in branding & tagging of any cattle/weiners that required it, it was very dusty but quite enjoyable. Took lotz of pics.

One of the many blowouts Peter has repaired.
Checking the water level in the tank.
Starting generator for the bore pump.
So many doves & finches at all of the water bores.
Alan the station manager riding one of his ponies & his dogs working the cattle.
Dinner time.
Lotz of ‘stuff’ around the station.
Dot, she is young pup but showing potential.
Ice, she is mainly used for mustering& herding the bulls.
One of the calves, a real cutie.
Peter & Chris (station hand) holding down a weiner to be branded.
Road train unloading another mob of mixed cattle from Sandover Station (Sandover Hwy, NT)
Working dogs in action.

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