Amburla Station NT. #2

Life at the station is rather nice, we are kept reasonabley busy especially now as the bosses have gone back to Darwin & we have to water & maintain 3 homesteads. The calcium content in the bore water is quite high so we have some interesting moments with the irrigation…..hahaha. We had a few roadtrains arriving with heifers & will be getting some more in the next few weeks, they are coming from a station on the Plenty Highway (NT)& also Barcaldine (QLD). Peter is enjoying driving around the boundaries checking the fences & keeping an eye on the bores.

The new manager of Hamilton Downs has quite a few working dogs, working horses & uses them with the cattle. The birdlife at the bores is plentiful mainly finches & budgies.

It has been getting quite cool but the inside fire in the house is awesome.

Some of heifers brought to Amburla Station
Dusty, one of the manager’s (Alan) dogs, he is a growing puppy.
Ant nests – big black ants.
Zebra finches enjoying the water near the cattle water troughs.
They are cute…..
Mickey birds have a bath in the bird bath.
There are so many budgies in the dessert.
Magpies at sunset.
The hills not far from us, these are on the inside of the McDonnel ranges.
We have a lot of Pee wees.
Ring necked parrots are in abundance at the moment.
Great mates – Gary & Rae from Bagara came for a visit- Anzac Hill overlooking the Alice Springs township.
We have had a few of these critters too – hopefully no more…..hahaha
Sun rising at Amburla.

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