Amburla Station, Northern Territory.

Our home for the next few months- Amburla is 1 of 2 stations owned by Tony & Pam Davis, Hamilton Downs shares boundries with Amburla, Milton Park is an outstation of Amburla, Hamilton Downs is the only station currently with stock. Due to the lack of rainfall over the last few years there was no grass so no stock. There are 3 homesteads, 1 at Hamilton which now has managers running it & is currently being restocked (also the Davis’s have a cottage there & live there when not in Darwin), 1 at Milton Park which is undergoing renovations in July & Amburla, a 4 bedroom, rather large house that we live in. There is an abundance of bore water available & its very good. Our duties include watering the gardens, grass & trees, also the repair of any leaks in water pipes which there has been a few already, house & yard maintenence here at Amburla & also at the outstation Milton Park.

Peter & I went for a drive & found a few bores, the budgies, doves & zebra finches were in abundance at these waterholes.

Our driveway.
Back entrance of house.
Front of house.
Lotz of fruit on trees.
1 of the leaks Peter has repaired.
So nice to have a fire inside.
Peter checking out the yards at one of the bores.
Lotz of budgies & doves at the bore dams.
Zebra finches everywhere, the thorny Acacia is a great protective bush(weed).
Ptilotus exaltaus – pussy tail/lamb’s tail
Guernsey fleabane
Silverleaf nightshade (toxic to horses)

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