Lockhart River #14

WOW! its nearly the end of March, 2021. Time is flying but life is good. 🙂

We have gradually been packing up our gear & boat, last minute cleaning, whipper nipping etc just waiting for the water levels to drop. Our main problem crossing being the Pasco River, its too deep & the current is a lttle too strong to try & take the boat across at this depth. But the levels are dropping & rising a little at times, but overall dropping & as long as there is no rain in the catchment area we may get out this weekend. We took a drive along Portmans Rd last Monday (this is the road that will take us to the Peninsula Development Rd which goes to the right to Weipa & south to Cairns), it was an interesting drive, lotz of erosion & in some places not much road left & a far amount of water to negotiate but overall the road not too bad considering all the rain that has fallen. We got as far as the Pascoe river (about an hours drive from Lockhart River) & got no further, the water too high & the current too quick, even the locals weren’t driving through….But it gave us an idea on the water levels when checking them out on the bom site. So we are sitting tight just waiting……….

We have had lotz of melamy’s the last few months & while we were packing found a mumma & her bubs. But there are lotz of critters up here, some nice, some not so nice.

The last pic is of Erman, a backpacker from Chile who was at Lockhart River for 3 months, he has just left & is going to Doomadgee, another indigenous community not far from the QLD/NT border – it will be an interesting experience for him. He was a great worker & a nice fellow, we got on well, we worked in the community store together, he was in the store & I was in the cafe.

Don’t know what this is but it came from a milk thistle like plant.
White turmeric.
Mumma Melomy & 2 big bubs.
Lotz of erosion but the road still pretty good.
Lotz of water crossings.
Just have to stay aware.
This one a bit deceptive, lotz of sand & quite deep in spots.
The water was so clear & inviting but nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Pascoe River crossing, too deep for us today but hopefully soon.
These beauties were all along the road, we just had to stop once……
Ermon, a ‘chilean’ backpacker

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