Lockhart River #15

The Palm cockies have been hanging around for the last few months, obviously nesting nearby, they are a beautiful bird but a little camera shy……..haha

WOW! We are finally leaving Lockhart River, as long as we get across the Pascoe River, today Saturday 27th March will be our best chance as they are predicting more rain & the river levels will rise again, they have been going up & down but 3 of the locals got through yesterday afternoon & the river did not rise over night.

Yea – we made it, but it was quite hairy, wouldn’t like to have to repeat that experience. There was lotz of water crossings & major washouts in places but we just went along nice & steady. The Wenlock River was running quite fast but not as deep as the Pascoe & not as wide. Once we got to the Peninsula Development Rd (PRD) & crossed over the Archer River, the hardest part was over, but the road was washed out in many places & lotz more water crossings – but we just toddled along. It was quite lovely, gave us lotz of time to smell the roses along the way. We camped overnite ‘somewhere’ between Coen & Musgrove Station – it was a nice spot, 4 small ponds, gravel base & plenty of fire wood – our biggest problem being it started to rain & didn’t stop, hahah. Breakfast was awesome.

We finally got to Cairns, Sunday night in the pouring rain.

Palm Cockatoo’s were frequent visitors for the last few months.
Goodbye Iron Range Research Station, Lockhart River.

The mighty Pascoe River
Lotz of water crossings & washouts.
Highland Tamarind – Acacia/wattle family
The grass trees (black boys) are thriving after being burnt out then the rain.
The mighty Wenlock River
Some good washouts to go through.
We are headed to Cairns via Coen.
The Archer River, it was 200mls over the causeway, anything over 400mls is not advisable.
These 2 fellows weren’t bothered about anything.
This particular washout was a lot worse than it looks in this pic.
These 2 weren’t real friendly but quite pretty.
Trying to keep some coals happening so we can have a cup a coffee with our cake – thats dinner for tonight.
Our bed for the night.
Making some toast – thanks to Neil Weier for making our utensil.
Breakfast – yea. 🙂
Common Camas – wild hyacinth – beautiful.
Packed up & on the road again – the sun is shining tooooooo.
Lotz of these critters but not easy to get a pic.
Grevillia’s just starting to flower.
Kennedy River
Kennedy River flood debris.
Severe bitumen damage between Musgrove Station & Laura.

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