Lockhart River #13

Peter & I went out fishing into Lloyd Bay, the water was like glass (my type of fishing waters), it was really amazing. We stopped at the sand bar just before we went out, to see if we could get some live bait, we did, but there was a previous visitor to the sand bare before us, glad we didn’t run into him, we didn’t stay long. hahaha

The water was so clear, we went out to a place called Jackson Rock & you could actually see fish swimming around obviously they weren’t too hungry but you get that. Peter did catch a few nice fish, we kept 1 pinky (nannygai), they are very yum. Saw lotx of turtles, luckily none of them tried to jump on our lines – it was a great day. Back to the Claudi River, hopefully we won’t have too wait too long for the tide to rise so we can get the boat our of the water. We will collect the crab pots, throw a few lures & go home.

The butterflys at Iron Range(where we live) are beautiful but not very photogenic (not for me anyway) but I did manage to get a pic of one.

The weather seems to be changing a bit lately, less humidity & definately cooling down also quite breezy at times & we haven’t had as much rain. We are hoping to drive out soon, there are still a few rivers that are a bit too high for us so we will just wait & see.

Keep smiling. 🙂

Stopped at this sand bank to get some bait, its under water at high tide.
Just happened to notice there had been an earlier visitor, quite large by the look of the foot prints, approx 800mm between feet.
The water was like glass, so beautiful.
Didn’t take long & Peter was onto it.
A nice GT, we released him so he was one happy fish.
Peter also caught a nice size nannygai(pinky) – snapper family, we kept him.
We were not far from the shipping channel but far enough to stay out of their way.
Back to the Claudi River, very low tide, we will have to wait for a while before we are able to take boat out of the river.
Run off water coming down in quite a few places which should be a good feeding area for the bara.
We had to collect the crab pots which was good as it enabled us to have mud crab as an entree for dinner.
Amazing butterflys up here but very few stay still for photo’s.
This fellow was strolling into the under cover area just as I was going to work.
Another bloom on this beautiful orchid.

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