Lockhart River #12

We have been out fishing a few times, most of the time we always go home with a feed which is good. We haven’t put the crab pots in much as there usually isn’t many crabs around but since the rain the crabs have been moving – yah.

While we are out walking we usually find some weird & wonderful things, the red fungi is really going beserk at the moment. Lotz of butterflys, some very beautiful but too quick for me & the camera. Found a rather large caterpillar quite hairy so we didn’t get too close.

Peter has gone out fishing with a friend & they have had some fun, 1st time they got 6 mackeral, next time they went to another spot & caught an eski full of nannygai – very yum (they are in the snapper family).

Went to Chilli beach & collected some coconuts, they yum also, its our snack food.

Lotz of flowering happening up here still which is lovely. The rain has been pretty constant so everything is growing madly. We are waiting for the rain to stop for a while so the river levels will drop enabling us to drive out but not sure when that is going to happen at this stage. Oh well! more time for fishing….:-)

This fellow very unlucky, we were stopped on a sand bank to get some live bait & he just happened to be strolling along, bad for him, good for us.
We caught his mate in a crab pot.
While out walking we have found quite a lot of red fungi – amazing stuff.
One of these fellows was tired so he getting a ride from another butterfly…..
Don’t know what it is called but we weren’t touching him.
Grunter/Javelin fish – WOW! he was awesome.
More crabs, yummo.
Peter went out with a friend – this was 1 of 6 mackeral he caught.
Nannygai magic. 🙂
This is actually a ‘palm cockatoo’, they were feeding not far from us, no camera just ph.
This is some weird fungi…..
WOW! they are so beautiful & flowering everywhere still -chinese hibiscus (1 of their many names)
Chilli beach, low tide.
coconuts galore.
Pandanus full of flower at Chilli Beach.
Lotz of these critters around, they are quite colourful.
I think this turkey is eying off my coconuts.
Crimson catteya – flowering again, so nice.
Nina, waiting for some banana.
Golden guinea tree/red beech – so amazing.

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