Lockhart River #11

WOW! Mid February already. Time does fly when your having fun.

We have been out fishing a few times, only once when we have been out did we come back with no keepers (we did catch some sharks but didn’t keep any).

For the month of January we had 730mls rain – not a bad drop & so far this month we have had 200mls & its raining now, all roads are closed so no driving in or out of Lockhart River, the Peninsula Development Rd that runs from Lakelands to the tip of ‘oz’ is under water in many of the river crossing – so not a lot of traffic anywhere up here at present.

We have had lotz of critters visiting & the birds chatter a lot, many different languages but great sounds.

Keep smiling. šŸ™‚

A fruit dove, not real clever when building a nest.
This specimen didn’t last too long after a storm we had, no sign of egg anymore.
Chilli Beach – tide going out
The high tide covers the whole beach.
I think Chilli Beach is known as the ‘thong’ kingdom.

On way back from Chilli beach, got a bit damper & very slippery.
Yep – more rain.
Had quite a few Rhinoceros beetles fly in, they hiss at you….
‘Nina’ the house pet bat, visits most nights for banana.
Don’t know the name but he had lovely wings.
I think he’s checking out my water bottle, getting ready for a walk maybe?????
Had to get a new hat as he donated the other one to the fish…haha
Lotz of fresh water running into the Claudie River from the rains. (a good hang out for bara)
Got to watch out for these rocks when going out the river, all under water at high tide.
People park their boats in funny positions up here.
Heaps of these critters around, this girl finishing Nina’s left over banana.
What a cutie, haven’t discovered their name yet but they building a nest near by.
so cute & beautiful
Indian cucumber root, so my app says. Cute little moth visiting.

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