Lockhart River #10

WOW! what a great start to 2021. Peter & I went out fishing, the bay was flat & beautiful, so out we went. At our first stop we caught 6 sharks within about 15 minutes, lotz of fun but we realeased them all, moved to another spot & caught another 2 sharks within minutes. The clouds were definately building quickly & there was rain around, once the wind began we decided to head back to the Claudi River, got a bit wet from the waves & the rain. Did some trolling in the river & I caught a baracuda, Peter caught a queenie then we tried one of Peter’s spots & YES he caught a bara, not big but 59cm which is just legal so he was a keeper. So we had a wonderful day, catching the fish was a bonus.

On one of our walks Peter came across a green snake, glad it was him & not me. Also found this beautiful chinese hibiscus with a grasshopper on it with a huge appetite…..

Last week on my return trip from work in the community I only got so far up the driveway & stopped. Much safer idea to walk up to house, Peter came down & we used the winch to pull down the tree completely & then got the chainsaw into action. He has had to use the chainsaw on several trees lately after storms.

Not sure at this stage but I imagine in the mangrove family.
Yea, there is bara in the Claudi river.
Luckily he was just over the legal size.
Tasmanian flax-lily
The fruit of the Tasmanian flax-lily – beautiful but toxic.
More ‘fungi’ but they are pretty awesome & very colourful.
These fellows are small but an awesome colour.
Top side of this fellow.
Under side of the above.
Natal plum
Looks like a bouquet.
Peter nearly stood on this fellow, but he allowed a pic then took off.
Can you guess this little fellow’s thoughts??
Came home from work one day – nice day for a walk up the driveway.
The winch on the patrol should do the job.
Yea ha. All good. Now just a job for the chainsaw.

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