Lockhart River #9

Christmas 2020 – Iron Range Research Station, a bit cloudy & we will probably get more rain as we have had 57mls early this morning. Slept in, scrambles eggs for breakfast then we went for a walk over to the orchard, lotz of sweating involved, lotz of march flies but lotz of fungi. Its approx 4 klms but the hills are quite steep so the heart rate is definately high, but its good & we are improving all the time. We are planning on lighting up the BBQ & getting some coals to cook our lamb roast in, hopefully we will find some dry wood after the downpour early this morning, going to cook up some mince & veg in the other camp oven as well – thats the plan at this stage.

Merry Christmas, enjoy & stay safe. xxxooo 🙂

I love ‘fungi’ – lotz of pics in this blog of fungi.
Yea, we made it across the fast flowing creek…….hahaha. We have seen little turtles at this crossing.
I’m gonna make it up this hill.
Getting closer to the top of this one!
WOW! some of this ‘fungi’ is amazing.
I love walking, it makes me feel soooooo good.
Peter got some good coals happening for our campoven Xmas dinner.
And then the rain began again….
Camp ovens not looking too good, I think it will be a ‘on top of the stove job’ to finish off the cooking.
Yummo – ended up being very tasting.
Happy New Year to all – stay safe & have a great 2021. 🙂

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