Lockhart River # 8

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

The week before Christmas.

Since we have been here at Lockhart River at the premises where we are living we have been able to indulge in some lovely home grown fruits, this time a lovely pineapple – WOW, it was beautiful. I also found a few purple passionfruit down the driveway, a good find, should get a few nice desserts out of these. The bugs & critters are getting lively, not every night but they love to share the ‘love’…haha.

The ponies love bread, actually they love just about anything you give them, as long as you don’t get too close. There are quite a lot of ‘community’ ponies around, sometimes you see the kids riding them, otherwise they just wander & go where ever they please.

We have walked over to the ‘orchard’ area a few times since the rains has started, lotz of blooms & so much grass but no joy for the mango plants yet…

There was a polish backpacker at the store where I work(she left Xmas eve), a lovely girl, we took her out in boat & also went walking along the ‘old Coen road’ again, it was great, a bit more water than last time & so very green now. The blooms were jumping out everywhere. Peter & Ania walked across a log to cross on of the crossings, I just waddled through….haha. So many beautiful flowers everywhere, most of the names are from an app I have & also a couple of books so if they are incorrect I appoligise.

Life at the community is always different – last picture tells the story. 🙂

Yummo – home grown, one of the best pineapples ever – so sweet.
Unfortuneately some night the flying ants send us to bed extra early…..haha
On my way to work at the store, customers eagerly awaiting for something?????
Chinese hibiscus -WOW! they are so nice at the moment, there will be lotz more pics of these to come.
Cogon Grass/Blading grass – a weed, but does look nice at present.
Cigartree/Indian bean tree – very delicate & pretty flower.
Peter & Ania crossing the western branch of the Claudi River.
Malabar melastome/Indian rhododendron
Golden guinea tree/Red beech
Brown kurrajong
Synostemon glaucus
Indian mulberry/Cheese fruit- apparently the fruit smells of vomit (I didn’t get too close)
Stinking passionflower-also known by many different names, Bush passionfruit being one.
Spiny-head mat-rush/Basket grass
Uvaria grandiflora
Australian almond
When we collected Ania (the backpacker, she lives near the police station), I just had to take a pic of the clients lining up for court appearances……

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